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Uniforms or Free Dress School Attire?

Does Your Child Wear Uniforms or Free Dress to School?

Nuns and priests may have been onto something when they required their pupils to wear uniforms to school. Dress codes used to be reserved for private schools, but more public schools are adopting uniforms to help keep the focus on learning while leveling socioeconomic playing fields. Children will be less concerned with designer jeans and may be more likely to engage in conversations with classmates they might otherwise snub. It's nice for parents, too. A child's wardrobe becomes simpler and getting dressed in the morning is a no-brainer. Still, not every school has made the switch to khakis and polos. What is your child's dress code?

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Ravenstable Ravenstable 7 years
My kids start uniforms next year. Buying an entire wardrobe at once is really bad, especially for those of us who shop at thrift stores and that kind of thing, but my daughter and I are having fun finding creative ways to follow the new dress code. It's amazing what leeway there is in "shirt with a collar". Sure we have to stick with the atrocious colors (black, gold, white, or gray tops with navy, black, or khaki bottoms), but they allow dresses over the shirt in the same colors as pants/skirts. She's 16 and very into Lolita and cosplay, so looks like I'll be doing some sewing this summer, and she'll go to school with flair, and conforming perfectly to the dress code. We'll see if they rewrite the dress code for the next year...
backfat backfat 7 years
I wish they did uniforms at their school. It would certainly make the mornings smoother.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
uniforms. and i'm really glad, because everyday would need to be a fashion statement with child #3 :faint: uniforms make weekday mornings easy!
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