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JennyRobbins6965 JennyRobbins6965 3 years
When it came to our boys names we wanted something that had a good meaning as well as meant something to us. We named our eldest Cyrus Ruelon (s-i-rus, Roo-lon) Cyrus means "the sun" amd is the name of my mom's great grandfather. Ruelon is my husband's great grandfather's name. Our second son is Caleb Allan. Caleb means "brave" and Allen was a way to name him after my husband they now share a middle name. We picked out names you don't hear too often so there won't be five other kids in their class with the same name. We're pregnant again with our third boy and his name will be Duncan Leo after my grandfather and his brother who were the two greatest men I've ever known.
Amanda15345010 Amanda15345010 3 years
I named my son Addison, which according to the book I read, means son of Adam. While doing geneology research recently, I found that there was another male Addison 12 generations ago. I have only met 2 other males named Addison.
Gail15337931 Gail15337931 3 years
I named mine Laddie from a popular 80,s vampire movie.
Pablo15327190 Pablo15327190 3 years
Sahar15316527 Sahar15316527 3 years
My sons name is Orion Mateo. Orion like orions belt. I loved the little story behind it. And it was also his fathers middle name. But I like it . Its so different and starts with the letter O. Mateo is meaning of gift of God. Also meaning Matthew in english. Its of Italian . People dont have a hard time pronouncing Orion. O -ryan. Some may get it wrong when they first see the name written. But its pretty easy name to say lol. Just like Mateo is. (: I wanted a different name I never heard before. My name is of Arabic. Sahar sa-har. But my dad change the pronouncing to sha-har.. I know right weird but I grew up being called sha-har but spelled sahar. So people call me both. and my brother is Cihan(g-hun) we get hard time from others cuz its new to others to pronounce. We are use to it and happy with our names. Naming your child should be special for you. The world is one big mix. Why go easy when you should go with what you truly want for your child. Special name. They can choose when there older for a nickname or go by a middle name. But these days lots of people embrace there names. They should. Be proud that is ur identity (:
CoMMember13631056253172 CoMMember13631056253172 3 years
My boys are named Brogan and Bryton. My girl names would have been Everleigh Reign and Alesana. I have also considered Braylen for either a boy or girl to stay with the B theme for my next child.
Tiffany15286900 Tiffany15286900 3 years
I wanted a unique name for my son too and named him River. If I would of had a girl instead I would of named her Dawn.
Serena1387689794 Serena1387689794 3 years
ahh i want a boy soooooo bad! and i love the name braden ( pronounced bray-den) but hubby likes tyler so since i named my daughter ( akira kelly ) kelly being my best friends first name he gets to name the boy tyler and the second name will be braden. if i have another girl i have no idea what i'd name her! haha
nicolemc1386055124 nicolemc1386055124 3 years
We are naming our son due in 4wks Colton. I also like Gavin
YanireMahabirsingh YanireMahabirsingh 3 years
Well, let me not be the one to rain on your parades, but if I could have had a say in choosing my name, I would have chosen something that could be pronounced in any language. My name is hard for Hispanics to pronounce -even when I lived in Puerto Rico. Just think about that for a little longer than a minute, will you? Because your child will have to live with it for the rest of their life. Btw, my kid's name are José, Melvin, and Crystal. Life is good that way.
AmyCraig86612 AmyCraig86612 3 years
My husband insisted on Arabic names to reflect his culture. I wanted something Western sounding and found two Gaelic names, which though spelled differently in each culture are Zayne (Zayn, Arabic) and Kenan (Kinaan).
MicheleOhler1385003697 MicheleOhler1385003697 3 years
Hayden. Camden. My sons name is Jackson. Hunter. Jefferson.
Tosha14986748 Tosha14986748 3 years
I have Jamison (boy) karma (girl) and zaydin (boy)
AnaTalie AnaTalie 4 years
I like "A" names. I have Aminah and Arielle (pregnant) and if boy I like Austin.
Chanelle-MarieElliott1378483701 Chanelle-MarieElliott1378483701 4 years
My sons name is Charles Patrick Wayne Elliott his first name is after my dad and grandpa and Im a big John Wayne fan and his son's name is Patrick Wayne my next little boy is gonna be named Dixon Alan
carrienickerson12472 carrienickerson12472 4 years
i have 2 girls. i also love unique names. my first daughters name is Kierdan Lorraine and my second daughters name is Raelyn Mae. My husband and i made up kierdan by putting Kiera and Jayden together and Raelyn Mae came from my friends and family (rae is my bffs middle name, lyn is my sister in laws middle name and Mae is my husbands grandmas middle name). We are now 21 weeks pregnant with a boy and having a hard time with his name were talking about Arkyn (ark-in)
GraceGibbons1375713436 GraceGibbons1375713436 4 years
My boys are, Ludo, Ashton, Noah, Joseph and Zacharias :)
Murray14686262 Murray14686262 4 years
I have 2 boys. My first was hubbys choice - Austin Alonzo - the second being a family name. My second boy was my choice - Kian ( Kee-an ) William - middle name after my father, though i wantes to give him my fathers name with Kian infront my hubby didnt like 2 middle names land i just couldnt bring myself to call a beautiful baby Harry ol I want a third child and KNOW because i want a girl so bad I will have a boy lol so the next boy will be Declan Harry or Deacon John ( hubs has no choice this time but both middles are family names )
TeniseCookOrr TeniseCookOrr 4 years
I have 3 boys and I wanted them to have unique names. My name is Tenise which is unique and I loved being the only one at school and at work and everywhere else. Besides I like hearing new and different names. My oldest is named Christopher but he goes by Topher. He's named after his dad and I knew if we called him by Christopher he would probably end up called Chris which is what his dad goes by. I didn't really want two of them :) so I chose for him to be called Topher and it really fits him and people love it. My other sons are Dathan (pronounced Day-thun) and Keivan (pronounced Key-vun). I love all of their names and I get lots of compliments on them.
AnnetteGreen1372765669 AnnetteGreen1372765669 4 years
My sons are called Riordan and Mostyn both Gaelic names.
GraceWaters1372763024 GraceWaters1372763024 4 years
I have Ashton Isiah, Joseph Ludo, Daniel Jay and Freddie King :)
MelissaWebbHumphrey MelissaWebbHumphrey 4 years
I have Broedan(pronounced Bro-din),and Shaila(pronounced Shay-la)
FionaJohnson48541 FionaJohnson48541 4 years
I named my son Carlos which means king......He was gorgeous and passed away prematurely due to health issues....fibi....
AshanteLindsay1371678820 AshanteLindsay1371678820 4 years
I named my son Marquise, it means noble man
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