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BevSyson BevSyson 4 years
My daughter has a traditional name however its spelt in a unique way Emmaleigh (Emily)
ShariceCarter ShariceCarter 4 years
My Sons Name Is Very Unique A'ziah ( prononuced eye-zay-ah )
Amz14611003 Amz14611003 4 years
My kids are Shaliana , Nathan , Makayla and tyran. My step kids are Nikita , zoey, kardia, khaylea and Liam :)
Eve31921 Eve31921 4 years
I love the name Bellatrix because Orion is my favorite constellation, but do you think people will automatically associate the name with the witch from Harry Potter instead?
MerionaHenshaw MerionaHenshaw 4 years
Might as well get my two cents in - My name is Meriona (Mary-ona). It is a Lithuanian name which I was told meant Little Marion - my godmother's name is Marion. Growing up I was always called Meri (Mary), but when older I started going by the whole name. Yes, it does get mispronounced a lot, but I appreciate it now and even like it. My mom was going to name me Paige Lee, but the nurses talked her out of it as that was unheard of then, but now is quite popular. I'm glad now that they talked her out of it, though growing up I would have liked it!
JeanettaEmmert JeanettaEmmert 4 years
My name is Jeanetta, and I always despised my name when I was young. But, now that I am older, I truly love the fact that I have never met a single person with the exact same name, ever! I was named after my great-grandmother, and I couldn't be any prouder of my name!
CerenaHamilton CerenaHamilton 4 years
Saffron, Jazzmin, Alicia (pronounced ah-lee-see-ah), Zeyleah\Zalia, Morgan, Dahlila, storm, Chanel, Summer, Brooklyn, Tamera, Desiree, Monique, Bella, Francine, Rhiannon, And I dunno Flower, lol
cathrienMacague cathrienMacague 4 years
My daughter and her husband picked the most unusual name on the planet and we haven't been able to find a translation anywhere. they have called their first born daughter Antavia.
BethMonroe96241 BethMonroe96241 4 years
My second daughter is named Zion. I have never heard of another girl with her name & I fell in love with it... she is beautiful & unique just like her name.
Adam14580569 Adam14580569 4 years
1 Izumi 2 Ino 3 Zoe 4 April 5 Alma 6 Bonney 7 Hailey 8 Laney 9 Lauren 10 Irma
KyleneReeves KyleneReeves 4 years
My name is unique, and I've always loved that. I didn't have to worry about being a Jen, or Jessica when there were literally 12 other girls in my grade with those names. My name is Kylene. (Ki, like kite. Lene, like lean). I do however, get called Kylee, kaylee, Colleen, Culleen, very often and it can be annoying. So I simple g by Ky, to those who are close to me. It is also hard for people to REMEMBER my name, so they'll go to great me and be like, I remember you but what's your name again? :)
DixieTomlianovich DixieTomlianovich 4 years
Please, these made up names sound ignorant, and people judge you by your name. Parents name your girls something pretty, like "Rose, or Sharon" not something they will have to explain, or be embarrassed by.
Ericka1365118180 Ericka1365118180 4 years
Absydee, really? Couldnt imagine naming my daughter ANY of these suggestions. This list sucks.
ValerieBucchi ValerieBucchi 4 years
I named my son Dominic and without fail, people call him Dominique. Very annoying for him. The spelling is pretty simple, I didn't anticipate the name would be botched. My daughter is named Mandalyn after the instrument (mandolin). Most people call her Madalyn but we figured that might happen so she is nicknamed Mandy. She loves that name and prefers it. When people actually pronounce her name correctly, she'll prefer to be called Mandalyn.
AoifeBarringtonHaber AoifeBarringtonHaber 4 years
Uh, yeah, Morrigan is also the harbinger of death. Careful there...
JenniferCarlson70367 JenniferCarlson70367 4 years
I've been working a tiny but refreshingly unique/rare collection of baby names. I may be partial but I think the names I've been working on for about a decade now for my book are much prettier sounding to the ear, more beautiful to look at on paper, and easier to pronounce and spell than anything offered here.
NaeNaeEvans NaeNaeEvans 4 years
Our eldest daughters name is Kyjah (Ky-Ja). It is African and it means Pure. We love it and we receive compliments on her name every time someone ask her what her name is. We love it. Our babygirl name is Khloe! Love my babies!!
RonnaleEllisIrons RonnaleEllisIrons 4 years
as a person with a unique name Ronnale....pronounced Ron Na Lee........I have spent my entire life correcting people who have mutilated it's prononciation ..........I love my name but I wish my parents would have used a more phonetically correct word to the wise...if you must do "unique" name please spell it so it can be easily pronounced.....
MariceDorsey MariceDorsey 4 years
Speaking as one who has a unique name -- Marice, a variant of Mary that rhymes with "Paris" -- I am here to tell you: DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN! I have spent my entire life correcting people's pronunciation, or worse, just letting them call me "Marcie" or Mar-eese" or whatever. I especially love it when people call me "Maurice", like the boy's name. At this point, I pretty much answer to anything beginning with M. Not a good way to live your life. So when I had kids, what did I name them? Edward (after my grandfather) and Katherine (just liked the name.) They are still unusual in the sense that there are no other Edwards or Katherines in their classes, but they don't have to go through the discomfort of correcting people or settling for being called weird variations of their names.
JenD48947 JenD48947 4 years
My daughter's name is Gabri. Her middle name is Ella, after my grandmother. Instead of Gabriella, one word, I made her name unique. And, it alliterates with her last name.
TurqueyaFerrenBey TurqueyaFerrenBey 4 years
My oldest daughter's name is Turqueya, which is also my name is means flower. There are more variations now but none like it when I was a child and I have met no one who spells it this way. My mother changed the spelling but it's Middle Eastern. Turqueya's middle name is Eloise, you don't get that one much any more. It's after my husband's grandmother. Our youngest daughter has a long one, her first name is from me and my husband's mothers' names. Her middle name is for our dead friend's mother and because of her birth story. She is Thelma Camille (first) Miracle Rose (middle)
SharneeRowe SharneeRowe 4 years
My daughter's name is Amunet. Origin: Egypt, Meaning: Mythical Goddess of Mystery
AmberHobbs31533 AmberHobbs31533 4 years
My daughter's name is Tarja( Its origin is Old Persian and very common in Finland) it means protector and upholder of good. My husband actually fell in love with the name while overseas in the Marine Corp. Its still uncommon in America, but I get alot of compliments on her name :)
StephaniePMomOfATS StephaniePMomOfATS 4 years
My daughter's name is Salustia (Sa-lus-tia). Named after her grandmother from Mexico. We love it and everyone thinks that it is so pretty.
SharnHitchins SharnHitchins 4 years
agreed wolfcat87! Enough with the emails already! How do we unsubscribe?!
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