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Unique Names For Baby Girls

15 Unexpected and Beautiful Names For Baby Girls

Searching for baby girl name inspiration? You've come to the right place! Coming up with a striking, solid name that you'll love for a newborn and will suit her well into adulthood is no easy task. We've combed the web, our own mental rolodexes, and more to bring you 15 girls' names that are unexpected, unusual, and that you may not have thought of before. Scroll down, and be inspired!

  1. Imogen: With Shakesperean origins, Imogen is derived from the Old Irish Ingen, meaning daughter or maiden.
  2. Amelia: A Victorian name that's often associated with the revolutionary female aviator Amelia Earhart, Amelia would suit a feminine girl with a spunky side perfectly.
  3. Cora: Greek in origin, Cora translates to mean "filled heart."
  4. Wren: Inspired by the songbird of the same name, Wren is both delicate and strong.
  5. Mila: Meaning "favor and grace," Mila can be traced back to Russian roots.
  6. Isa: Whether used as a short form of Isabel, Isadora, or on its own, Isa offers a snappy, short name that would be especially useful for a girl with a longer surname or middle name.
  7. Piper: Bright, spunky, and fun, Piper has gained popularity in recent years and was the name of choice for celebs Gillian Anderson and Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s little girls.
  8. Anais: Literary types will instantly associate it with the American novelist Anais Nin. Meaning "graceful," Anais is a unique and exotic choice for parents who want their child to stand out in a crowd.
  9. Blake: With English origins, Blake can be used for a boy or a girl and offers a strong, straightforward option.
  10. Lark: A melodic choice for your little songbird!
  11. Coco: Conjuring images of the eponymous Coco Chanel, this name is as fun and playful as it is fashionable.
  12. Zandra: A less conventional take on the traditional Alexandra, Zandra is Greek in origin and translates to mean "helper and defender of mankind."
  13. Bronywn: A traditionally Welsh name, Bronwyn is feminine and unique.
  14. Willa: The feminine iteration of William, Willa has gained popularity amongst the celeb set as of late, with Keri Russell and Philip Seymour Hoffman choosing the name for their daughters.
  15. Paloma: An exotic and bold name with Spanish origins, Paloma is associated with the peace-wielding dove.
Sunshinesweetheart Sunshinesweetheart 3 years
I normally like unique names but the only one I liked on this whole list was Piper.
ElisaBetheEllis ElisaBetheEllis 3 years
My daughter is Anya, just pronouned (on ya) and we get Ann-eye-ah all the time. :-(
TerralynPolege TerralynPolege 3 years
I have never met anyone in person with my name although I have connected with 4 or 5 on facebook, we do not live near enough to each other to meet in person. Guaranteed to not have another one in her classroom with my name. Although she will get called Terri to Terri-lynn a lot. I hated it when people called me Terri-Lynn but I love that its my name and i spent 40 years of my life never even know of another person with my name.
nikkibatdorff nikkibatdorff 3 years
My oldest daughter is named Clover. I like that my girls names are out of the box but not too different.
nikkibatdorff nikkibatdorff 3 years
My youngest daughter is named Wren. We named her after the elf queen from the Shannara novels.
KristenKnowlton KristenKnowlton 3 years
I named my daughter myla.. its close... lol
TessaBarker TessaBarker 3 years
My daughter's name is Zannah
MazyZickefoose MazyZickefoose 3 years
I named my daughter Rowyn because I wanted something different from all the Hayleigh/Balding/Kayleighs out there. Now it seems that Rs are popular....two of my friends had babies in the last few months named Ronin and Roan (both boys though). Only my middle son has stayed away from any trends with the name Iorek.
SangeneCollymore SangeneCollymore 3 years
I have an usual name even in my own country. My name is Sangene...pronounced San-jean. I have never found it's meaning on the internet. The closest I have come to is Sandrine. I have two sons...Nathan Alex and Liam Aaron.
LaDonnaGrenz LaDonnaGrenz 3 years
My name is LaDonna and my daughter's name Arielle. I don't think some of the names listed in your article are unexpected. Maybe for this era, but more common in earlier times.
Ginger91942 Ginger91942 3 years
Ginger is an uncommon name. I've only met three so far in my life.
HeidiLynBurke HeidiLynBurke 3 years
I know a decent amount of Coras. I don't know if I'd call that rare. I like it. My own daughter is named Coryn.
TraceyGriskeyNoble TraceyGriskeyNoble 3 years
My daughter, Arden!!!
AmyLewis21571 AmyLewis21571 3 years
My daughter is named Wednesday Rose:)
MariyaYukhymenko MariyaYukhymenko 3 years
What happened to #6? :)
lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 lisa-jaynedoecke1369109189 3 years
wheres harmony and morgan
Abby14970878 Abby14970878 3 years
We named our daughter Piper. But we did it because we are both pilots and its the name of an airplane. Her middle name is Elizabeth.
Susan14966956 Susan14966956 4 years
Ardyn-- I really like that!
RhondaSnyder RhondaSnyder 4 years
My middle daughter's name is Ardyn and I absolutely love it! She has got the personality to fit it too. Beautiful, strong, and with a will of her own. I think it should make someone's list. But then it might not be so unique. Although I doubt Paloma is going to be popular anytime soon, even with this article. Ewww.
MonikaScholte MonikaScholte 4 years
Amelia was the first on the most popular baby girls names in the UK last year.... sorry it is a beautiful name but not unusual
catdevil27 catdevil27 4 years
Just don't name your child after a compass point even if a Kardashian did it.
Susan14966956 Susan14966956 4 years
Love most of the names, but sorry, Amelia is not really unique right now. I have always been a fan of the name and even considered it for my daughter (it's my middle name also), but I have at least five friends who have named their daughters Amelia, and one Emelia and one Amelie, in the last few years.
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