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Unnecessary Baby Items 2010-02-25 09:00:00

What's the Newborn Item You Regret Purchasing?

When a mama-to-be strolls the aisles of a baby emporium for the first time, everything looks enticing. Armed with friends' recommendations and the latest issue of Consumer Reports, a pregnant woman thinks she knows exactly what she needs. But, once the lil one arrives and the new mom gets in her groove she is likely to find that some of the items she swore she would need are not perfectly suited for her tot.

When expecting my first child, a car seat manufacturer had just introduced their latest and greatest infant seat. It claimed to hold babies up to 30 pounds and sure that I was going to give birth to a giant I quickly registered for it. What I didn't realize was that a car seat that holds such a big baby is bound to weigh a ton itself, and once you add a baby, it is virtually impossible to carry more than a few feet.

What is the baby item that you regret buying?

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