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"Unschoolers" Say School is Overrated — and Skip It

"Unschoolers" Say School is Overrated — and Skip It

"Unschoolers" Say School is Overrated — and Skip It

Six-year-old Karina Ricci will not be starting school this August. Instead, she'll spend her days "watching TV, doing arts and crafts or practicing the piano." She'll learn to spell by e-mailing with friends and she'll learn math concepts by helping to cook meals.

Ricci is being "unschooled," a term used to describe the practice of keeping your child out of school so that she can learn through living instead of in a classroom setting.

20 schools in the U.S. and Canada, known as Sudbury schools, follow the unschooling philosophy, and according to Mimsy Sadofsky, a Sudbury teacher whose own children attended the school, graduates not only come out knowing "how to find what they need" but excel in life.


Read the whole story at CNN.

What do you think of unschooling?

Image Source: CNN

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AngelaBreunis AngelaBreunis 6 years
The problem I have with home School and schooling or untraditional means of education is that when it goes wrong it is the children who suffer. My case and point is with a family who I know is home schooled, all kids are adopted and they all struggled to even get a GED. Most don't even have it and can not find a place in the workforce as an adult so thus live at home taking care of the farm and home. The Mother and Father do not work or do shit, the kids do it all.... plus they get free medic aide and disability for most of the kids. Now I know good home schoolers etc exist, but their needs to be more oversight on these types of settings to ensure the children are getting skilled and progressing and ready to be productive adults.
AmyVickers34693 AmyVickers34693 6 years
After reading the article, it seems like an interesting idea. One I had not heard of before. Probably not the route I will take but I certainly can't criticise either seeing as how so many "unschooled" kids did go to college. My main issue with this is many people seem to think homeschool & unschool are the same and they are not...other than that I do think it is an interesting concept!
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