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Unusual Baby Girl Names

Unusual Baby Girl Names For 2013

Looking for unique girl names? According to the Social Security Administration's latest ranking of girl names, we've discovered nine gems that have fallen out of favor.

Way down on the list, among the names that are most rare (those with ranks above 900), are some traditional girl names that were once very popular. If you favor pretty, old-fashioned names but also want your daughter to be the only one at school with her name, these nine vintage monikers are perfect picks.

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1. Hattie

With a rank of 993 in 2011, the pretty girl's name Hattie is certainly rare in today's world. But turn the clock back 100 years, and it's a different story. In 1913 and all the way back until 1880 (the last year for which the SSA provides name data), Hattie numbered in the top 100 girl names in the United States. In 1880-81, it was even in the top 30.


2. Dorothy

Dorothy was an extremely popular girl's name for the first half of the 20th century, often associated with nicknames such as Dot, Dottie, and Dolly. It stayed in the top 10 girl names from 1904 to 1939 and peaked at No. 2 from 1922 to 1927. Today, however, it's a much more unique choice, coming in with a rank of 937 in 2011.

3. Geraldine

Though never a top 10 name, Geraldine was a top 100 stalwart all the way from 1916 to 1949. In 2011, it was ranked at 960, making it a special vintage name for girls born in the 21st century.

4. Pamela

Though ranked at 967 in 2011, Pamela was actually a top 30 girl's name for over 30 years! From 1937 to 1971, it ranked under 30, peaking at No. 10 in 1953.

5. Willa

A feminine form of William, Willa is a relatively rare name in today's world, with a 2011 rank of 991. For most of the 1920s through 1940s, however, it hovered in the 200s and 300s.

6. Ann

If you can believe it, the simple name Ann is now very rare as a first name! From 1899 to 1973, Ann held fast in the top 100, but today it's a different story. Ranked 996 in 2011, Ann is now a far more unusual choice than Anna (No. 38), Ana (No. 238), Annie (No. 386), and Anne (No. 536).

7. Joyce

A name with Latin origin that means "merry or joyous," Joyce was a top 20 girl name from 1930 to the end of the '40s and remained in the top 100 for another two decades. Now the name is far more unique, with a rank of 969 in 2011.

8. Leona

Another unique name of Latin origin, Leona means "lioness." From 1896 to 1921, Leona ranked among the top 100 names for girls, but today it is ranked at 929.

9. Janet

Coming in at No. 951 in 2011, Janet is another unusual girl's name you might not have guessed. It was a top 30 name from the early 1930s all the way through the 1960s but has steadily declined in popularity since then.

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JulieDillon JulieDillon 3 years
What is unusual about these names? Unless the word unusaual stands for boring?
blessedparent blessedparent 3 years
Adaline, Americas, Rozelle, Oma,Ruby, Flora, Miranda, Lynette, Lottie, Emmaline, Dolly, Stella, Anna Lou, Lola, Hazel, Roseanna, Leonora,Myrtle, reathel,Jackie,Annie,molly,Evelyn, Inez, Eden, Caroline,Laura, Nettie, Belinda, Missy,Krissy, Rachel, Sara, Dottie,sussie, Cassie, dot,Dana Lynn, Marnia, Marie, Alice,Loretta, Lorene, Maggie, Pearl, Nellie, Nadine, Lydia, dalphanie, Sallyanne, Trina, Karelian, Katrina, Hannah, Hallie, ida Lou,
Linda-jNowell1390344769 Linda-jNowell1390344769 3 years
I really like the name Ann
MorganBlackburn1390087977 MorganBlackburn1390087977 3 years
My husband and I went with family names for our daughter. We named her LeighAnn Gail. Not to many LeighAnn's out there these days.
ChetMC ChetMC 3 years
I really like seeing these older names resurrected. It's the best way to find a unique name. Too many people are inventing names or inventing spellings to try and get something that isn't super common or popular. Jeanette is another good one to consider.
MelissaMollica1385546399 MelissaMollica1385546399 3 years
I quite like the name Hattie ;)
David14869032 David14869032 3 years
My mother in law hate me so much that she wanted me out of my husband house because i have been unable to give her a grandchild i never knew what to do one day when i was at my working place a friend of my told me about how she had a spell cast on her by this man named Adodo and after which her life came back to normal so i chosen to give him a trier which i did contacted him on his email: after which he get back to me and told me what i need to do and also how my problem was going to be solve and after 1month i started seeing changes in me i and so happy now that i can now give birth to my own child and my mother in law is now happy with me since i have been pregnant for her son
Mame70 Mame70 3 years
My daughter is Alissa Laurel (born before Alyssa Milano did "Who's The Boss"!), a combination of my aunt Elease and her dad's aunt Alice. Turns out its the Portuguese derivative of Alice, which is one of my favorites ever anyway. She loves her name and for years she was the only one in a sea of Jennifer, Jessica, Shannon, Melissa, Tiffany & Karen. My son is about as vintage you can get...John Richard
Mame70 Mame70 3 years
diannaobrien diannaobrien 3 years
vintage names! i searched and searched for names for my kiddos... i always made a list of the top 20 names brought it with me to the hospital. we settled on Branna for the baby of the fam when she was born (super old gaelic name, my hubby is of irish decent) the poor kid is constantly being called Brianna which is pretty close spelling but sounds much different, my fav name we had found was Caoilfhionn (Kwee-lunn) also old gaelic but i figured that it spelling would be cruel for kindergarden.... I have another daughter with the middle name Jayne... vintage name but spelt a lil different, that came about as Jack and Wayne squished (her grandfathers names) and my son has James for the middle.... rockin an 80s name lol but it was my grandfathers middle name :) i love vintage names.... Annabelle made the list for both my girls and Moira.... Lachlan Earl Byrant ♥ ♥ ♥ old names :)
RosannaCarter RosannaCarter 3 years
My name is Rosanna never meet any one with the same name my 8 year old daugter is Ravan Naomi and my 8 month old daughter is Nevaeh Martha-Lynn live their names
NanaRoche1379300736 NanaRoche1379300736 3 years
I have yet to meet anyone with my name so i guess its pretty rare my name is Ceatana
penelopeMorgan1377723861 penelopeMorgan1377723861 3 years
Apparantly Mary-ann
LynnWheeler12475 LynnWheeler12475 3 years
These are more old fashioned names and not unusual names. My daughter's middle name is Joan after my mom. I consider that old fashioned too. My mom was named after a 30's movie star. Names like Ann definitely aren't unusal at all. Lots of women I know have Ann or Marie as a middle name.
EllaRook1377232183 EllaRook1377232183 3 years
These name are NOT unusual, they are vintage!
GingerShehan1369495542 GingerShehan1369495542 4 years
My husband and I adopted our daughter back in January. Her birth mother named her Sparrow Nicole. Although we thought it was the oddest name we'd heard of at the time, we decided not to change her name as she was 5 months old and already responding to her name. Since then, "Sparrow" has grown on us, family and friends. We'd adore her and love her so much and would no matter what her name is.
Jevemor104 Jevemor104 4 years
This story was supposed to be about names that were vintage, but I don't really think most of those were...and then the comment thread was just ridiculous, it just went off into "the most unique name" I agree though that I wanted a vintage name that meant something to me. I chose a family name, Evelyn, and looked for another variation..and found Avalene (Ave-uh-leen) . And then I gave her my mother's name for a middle. So she ended up Avalene Dorothy Grace. And if you want to break down the meaning of her means, "Most wished for child", and then "Gift from God". Sounds about right.
DeboraFunk DeboraFunk 4 years
Our daughter's name is Lenna Rose. Pronounced Len-na. It's an old family name from my husband's sister that passed away.
EricaEccleston EricaEccleston 4 years
Janice is a much prettier name than Janet. I named my girl Sophie, but I'm sure she will be called Sophia forever. I've cursed her...but I just LOVE everything about the name!
JulieDillon JulieDillon 4 years
Meh, not a fan of many... but maybe Hattie, Leona and Willa. Geraldine just gets called Geri, which is unisex but in a butch way. Dorothy is way to wizzard of oz and Pamela is way to 80's. Joyce and Janet were plain Jane's of my generation (X) so...My Middle name is Anne, pretty boring it works.
tyane tyane 4 years
My name is Tyane pronounced tie-ann. My fathers name is Tyrone and my mothers is Diane. They took the first half of his name and the second half of my moms name and there ya go ;) Their hasnt been anyone i know of with the same name....simular, but not the same!
AmandaBurke1367791361 AmandaBurke1367791361 4 years
hmmmm I have 7 daughters and I don't think I could use any of those names. I have an eigth daughter we will be adopting this year and I"m looking for a good name. My girls now are Aubrielle Grace, Aysha Amanda, Marilla Rae, Hannah Marie, Lillian Beth, Mahayla Joy, Angelique Jesse.
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