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Unusual and Healthy Lunches For Kids

Best of 2010: Out of the Lunch Box Recipes

Cat Cora may be an Iron Chef, but as the mother of four, she also knows how to make a mean (and kid-friendly) sandwich. We asked the woman best known for her Greek-influenced cuisine to share one of her favorites with us. She offered up a mom shortcut for a recipe from her latest cookbook, Cat Cora's Classics With a Twist ($20). Chef Cora said, "Here’s a tuna melt with a difference: a different cheese (swiss), different add-ins (juicy Fuji apples, and buttery avocado), and a different presentation. If the weather is warm or you’re having one of those kids-underfoot days, don’t bother with the oven. Toast the bread in your toaster instead. Just have the swiss cheese ready when the toast pops up, sandwich the cheese between the warm slices of toast, and let the heat of the toast melt the cheese. Then gently pull the toast slices apart and add the tomato slices and tuna salad."

Try Cat Cora's Tuna Melt With Apple and Avocado.

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