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Use of Curse Words by Children

Jennifer Connelly's Kids Are Free to Curse at Home

When a child first curses, it's how parents handle it that makes all the difference — some are shocked while others choose overlook the slippage. There are even moms and dads that allow their kiddos to express themselves with four-letter bombs in certain circumstances.

While Jennifer Connelly, mom to Kai, 12, and Stellan, 6, sat down with Jimmy Kimmel last night, she tells him that she is adamant about making sure her kids are well-disciplined and polite, but that she has given in to use of curse words in certain contexts. According to the actress, words that are considered "forbidden" in most homes are tolerable in hers, as long as they are not directed at an individual and they are not used in public forums. Do you have different sets of rules for inside and outside the home?

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piper23 piper23 7 years
Hmmm...Can't go along with this. We make a concerted effort to not curse around our kid. If we did it, then I can understand how the kid could pick it up. So maybe they curse all the time in their house so its a natural thing. For us, not so much.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
My parents didn't want us to swear, so we didn't. I had a few slip out, but not many. Even in school, swearing was allowed, just not in excess -- which is what I think parents are mainly trying to avoid. If I have kids, I won't mind a swear here and there when they are teenagers, but little thanks.
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