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angelalawrence43437 angelalawrence43437 3 years

I just bought a brand new high chair that doesn't have a five point harness. Apparently they are not that mandatory.

RachelRasmussen RachelRasmussen 3 years

If you actually want to get hand me downs, I wouldn't recommend refusing anything. By all means, get fussy about safety standards when buying on Kijiji or Craigslist, but if someone wants to give you something, you just say "Thank you" to the lot of it and be grateful that all you had to do was toss a few things, and check a few expiration dates. Because if you get all cute about free stuff, nobody is going to waste their time offering it to you. That's the compromise with hand me downs.

MuniqueSnyder MuniqueSnyder 3 years

Both of my sisters used a drop-side crib, I used one for my older kids. The only reason I have a newer one is because the pieces were lost to the drop-side one before I had my daughter and my fiance's great-aunt bought us one. They are not that big of a deal, IF you make sure to latch the bar in place. (Also, we rigged ours with extra "straps" that fastened around the top to keep it up in case one of the other kids released the drop-bar.

Strollers, changing pads, clothes, high chairs, and clothes/toys are at your discretion.
Same with car seats.

I get the part about breast pumps, nipples/pacifiers, and bath toys (bacteria that grow in them even with boiling/sterilizing), but really, so much stuff on this list is ridiculous to just turn away without consideration.

The part about being "not safe" is misleading and unfair.

Janice-ChristineAlvarez1383104854 Janice-ChristineAlvarez1383104854 3 years

there were issues before that some crib has their bars widely spaced that some kids head got stuck on them. These items had been recalled but you will never know. Try to check the make and model of hand me down cribs. So make sure the cribs follow safety regulations

CatSides CatSides 3 years

Is it just me or is this list pretty obvious? Broken or peeling toys? I think most moms know enough to throw them in the trash before giving them away.

Amanda92092 Amanda92092 3 years

One of my high chairs I bought at a yard sale just about 3 yrs ago wasn't a 5-point harness and I don't see anything wrong with that. We also purchased a brand new Chicco highchair and it has a harness. We have never even used it. The kids are in the high chairs to eat. I am sitting next to them and then as soon as they are done they are taken out of them.

sarahegilroy sarahegilroy 3 years

While I understand advising not to accept cribs made prior to the regulation change, I think it would be more prudent to advise people to check the safety standards. We got our crib at the end of 2009. It is not a drop side and still meets current regulations. After being used for both of my girls, we are passing it on to a friend next month when we bump our 2 year old to a twin bed.

CassandraLee49168 CassandraLee49168 3 years

Stained clothing may not be great for newborns but when it comes to toddlers up they can be a great hand-me-down. Just think of all those future days of painting, playing in muddy puddles or any other "hands on" play time.

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