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(VIDEO) 3rd Grader Receives Humiliating "Catastrophe Award"

(VIDEO) 3rd Grader Receives Humiliating "Catastrophe Award"

(VIDEO) 3rd Grader Receives Humiliating "Catastrophe Award"

Every mom is proud when her child receives an award in school—but what if that award is a "joke" meant to make fun of your child? That's exactly what mom Christina Valdez faced when her 8-year-old daughter, 3rd grader Cassandra, came home with a "Catastrophe Award" from her teacher, for "most excuses for not having homework." 

This award seemed anything but rewarding to Christina, who contacted the school's principal—and was told it was "a joke" and that this is something teachers do with the children in this school, Desert Springs Academy in Tucson, AZ.

8-year-old Cassandra showed reporters at KGUN9 her folder of completed homework, however, many with visible high marks, so it's unclear just which part of the "joke" was supposed to be funny. Education experts side with Cassandra and her mom, telling KGUN9 that "jokes" like this one are "inappropriate" and counterproductive. 


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How would you react if your child won the 'Catastrophe Award"?

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DawnSpivey39414 DawnSpivey39414 5 years
Nothing is hopeless! Except maybe this android! Ha....ha..
DawnSpivey39414 DawnSpivey39414 5 years
Ya.... not very nice! I had a teacher call me "hopeless" once. I carried that stupid word around with me for a very long time. I always vowed to never, ever say that word to anyone~ especially a child! Never is ever "hopeless ....
KristenDrake15431 KristenDrake15431 5 years
I was awarded "most concieted" in 6th grade - I was really very insecure, and that made it worse. I was nearly suicidal in middle school due to bullying, teasing, and "jokes" like that.
MicheleFedechko MicheleFedechko 5 years
Anyone who thinks this was ok is just as ignorant and arrogant as the teacher and principal! Let's get it straight, I don't care if the child never did homework, humiliation in front of the whole class doesn't help the situation, in fact it may even make it worse. Perhaps an appropriate action on the teachers part would have been to contact the mother and discuss it with her rather than take matters into her own unqualified hands! We are not talking about high school kids here, where even though it would still be inappropriate they may be better able to cope with such embarrassment. Let's face it we're not talking about a child that is disrupting class, acting out or fighting with classmates or the teacher, it's about school work that yes should be done, but should be the business of the teacher, student and or parent, not the entire class! It doesn't effect the entire class so it should have been handled by an adult teacher in the appropriate manner not by childish jokes that are just as mean and can instigate what we face a lot today, BULLYING! Don't add fuel to the grade school fire and hyjinx teachers are supposed to put them out!
erinnholloway erinnholloway 5 years
Let's face it the parent was embarrassed and because of that she did what most Americans do anymore; blamed it on the teacher. Give me a break! The teacher was being silly. Instead of yelling at the student for not doing her homework, she joked about it. Humor goes a long way with kids.
CoMMember13613267130602 CoMMember13613267130602 5 years
First of all if the child is missing that many assignments then the PARENTS should be receiving the catastrophe award. HOMEwork is the PARENTS responsibility to make sure it is done & done well. As far as humiliating the child that is unnecessary & cruel and probably counterproductive. Has the teacher examined 'why" and "where" the problem stems from? A sit down with the parents and the child should uncover the root of the problem.
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