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(VIDEO) Baby Attacked By Snake

(VIDEO) Baby Attacked By Snake

William Winans is one very lucky little boy: the Illinois tot celebrated his first birthday this past Saturday, just days after being attacked in his crib by a stray python.

When Devin Winans heard his son crying he went into his darkened room and reached into his crib to comfort him. To his surprise, his hand touched something "slimy" rather than his baby boy. After turning the lights on he made a terrible discovery: a ball python was wrapped around little William's foot, trying to take a bite.

This fast-thinking dad used a blanket to remove the snake from his son's foot. William was treated for bruises and snake bites, but is doing well. The snake's owners, who are the Winans' neighbors, have been issued a citation.


Watch the video on ABC News.

Image Source: ABC News

CoMMember13613653587989 CoMMember13613653587989 5 years
Snakes are not "slimy" and don't even come close.
TeresaBrush TeresaBrush 5 years
I would have chopped it up in little pieces and sued the neighbor.. What would have happened if the dad didnt go in to check on him?
SusiMcCauley SusiMcCauley 5 years
How did the snake get into the house??
JessDallasNolet JessDallasNolet 5 years
i agree with abby and johannah
AbbyOlson AbbyOlson 5 years
That snake would have been dead and the owners sued!!!!!
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