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Victoria Beckham Schedules Fourth C-Section

Should Elective C-Sections Be Covered by Insurance?

Too posh to push? The phrase, which was coined after Victoria Beckham supposedly asked for a C-section to deliver her first baby, Brooklyn, 12 years ago, has come to represent a whole group of women who choose to forgo traditional childbirth in favor of the surgical method. Though home births are on the rise and celeb mamas are leading the charge, one-third of American tots enter the world via Cesarean section.

As the former Posh Spice prepares for her fourth C-section this weekend, many are questioning the elective C-section procedure. The surgery can cost several thousand dollars more than a natural birth, leading some to suggest that the additional expense shouldn't be covered by insurance unless a doctor deems it medically necessary. What do you think?

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amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
I don't see how vanity has anything to do with choosing a c-section. Isn't there a scar after? Isn't it so much harder to recover from a c-section than a vaginal birth? I don't understand elective c-sections because you're making it harder than it needs to be. I don't see how choosing major surgery is better or easier, because from my own experiences I was fine and up and at fine in a few hours, but my sister who had a medical c-section was down for a couple of weeks. I do realize that not everyone is fine in a couple hours after a vaginal birth, but even then isn't it just a few days?
katialoves katialoves 6 years
no it should not be covered if its a choice planned for no reason but laziness, irrational fears, vanity or stigma if it is for the health of the mother and or child than of course it should be covered.
1317045 1317045 6 years
The issue that concerns me is who decides if a c section is medically neccesary or not. I fully intended to have a natural birth with my son but after hours of labor and failure to progress, he was delivered by c section. It was not an emergency, but it was well on it's way to being one. My son ended up being nearly 11 pounds and a nautral birth was out of the question.
Noetje Noetje 6 years
Here in the Netherlands even a hospital birth isn’t covered by insurance if there isn’t a medical reason. I’m pretty certain c-section isn’t either.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
I'm curious what 'elective surgeries' are covered by insurance, and what insurance company this is. I voted no, I mean this is just silly. Is vaginal birth really that much scarier than having your belly and uterus hacked open?
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