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What This Doctor Did to a 4-Day-Old Baby Suffering From Colic Will Leave You Speechless

It's hard to be a parent when your baby is upset and there's nothing you can do to make them stop crying. For moms and dads of babies with colic, this is an all-too-familiar feeling. After just a few days of their newborn endlessly fussing, one Australian family decided to seek help before their little girl even turned a week old.

Little Millicent was born two weeks premature and was just 4 days old when her parents brought her to see Dr. Ian Rossborough in Melbourne. After a video was posted on YouTube in support of the chiropractor's method, many are left outraged by what the doctor did to treat the newborn. In the clip, Rossborough can be seen talking to the baby's parents as he stretches out her spine and applies pressure until a startling crack is heard.

"When you see patients return with these children, they always report that the child is just so much more comfortable, they sleep so much better, they eat so much better," he said in an extended version of the video. However, Dr. Frank Jones, president of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, told the Daily Mail Australia that not only is this a cruel process but that there's actually no evidence to support it. While the newborn seemingly calmed a few moments after the adjustment, is this a risk you'd be willing to take in order to get your baby to stop crying?

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