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Video of Crying Boy Sparks Outrage Among Moms (VIDEO)

Video of Crying Boy Sparks Outrage Among Moms (VIDEO)

A video of a toddler crying while running in the snow nearly naked has sparked outrage among parents. In the footage, the 4-year-old boy, who is nick-named Duoduo, is seen sobbing and begging his dad to pick him up.

He Liesheng, the boy's father, calls himself 'Eagle Dad' and has plans to write a book about his unique approach to raising children, which he thinks will help Chinese kids compete with their counterparts around the world. He told CNN, "It's tough for me, too, when he cried out for my comfort. But I believe in 'no pain, no gain.' Like an eagle, I push my child to the limit so he can learn how to fly."

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Is this abuse or just tough love parenting?

Image Source: CNN via San Francisco Chronicle

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LaraJennings LaraJennings 5 years
This is ridiculous. Children need to be loved and protected. The father should have an evaluation on the 4th floor. A parents' job is to provide love, clothing, food, and shelter. Anyone who has taken any basic education would know Maslow's hierachy of needs. This father is not even providing the basics. Absolutely ridiculous. How awful for the little boy who's crying out to his dad to protect him. What a shame. Hopefully this father has some intelligent members in his family who will steer him in the right direction.
JessieSaunders JessieSaunders 5 years
Do I agree with his methods? No. Do I think this is abuse? No. Abuse is so much more than this. I disagree with MANY things other parents do but I'm not going to call them monsters unless it's absolutely warranted (ie. incest, murder, etc.). Many of you people complaining & calling for this guy's head have no problem letting your kids play M rated games, show zero respect for others & act like heathens in other ways. None of you have the right to judge someone especially when this is just a blip of an article & nowhere near complete reporting. Whatever happened to getting the WHOLE story before making comments? Oh that's right...this is America wherre your opinion is fact. Not.
OssieNeal OssieNeal 5 years
How would he like it if someone made him run naked with only shoes on. This is a child and someone should have called the Police on him instead of video taping it. Stupid little man.
TaraCarey TaraCarey 5 years
You let a child cry when they are asking for candy and it's too much. You let a child cry when they are leaerning to work things through with a sibling. You pick a child up and comfort them when they are cold, sick or need love and affection. You do NOT let a child outside in underpants and nothing else in winter. This is clearly abuse. Why can any shmoe be a parent but fail a drivers license. I know so many loving couples who would do anything to give real love to a child!
KayeDunglison KayeDunglison 5 years
if a toddler cries because he has had enough, then maybe his limit is reached!! No pain, no gain is for feeble minded adults who have no self worth. If you love and encourage your child he will develop into a good person. They are what we all need to be, and making a toddler cry is not the behaviour of a good person
TineBrok TineBrok 5 years
Right-o, so this is child abuse and 'cry it out' isn't? And before you get all 'it's not the same thing', look at the research on cio and effects on kids. Look at the justifications that are used to defend it (it's for his own good'). Sounds remarkably like the dad in the video...
SusannaHolguin SusannaHolguin 5 years
A toddler crying in the cold without clothing is ABUSE. This is not tough love.
This is stupidity at its height! I feel so sorry for this child...were was his mother?
LourdesLeon42507 LourdesLeon42507 5 years
This is an absolute disgrace, not only is he using a nonsensical approach to building the character of his but to boot this guy is boasting about it, think of it, this is what he allowing us to see, I wonder what other atrocities he has exposed his child to, Eagle Eye needs to rethink his parenting skills...
MichelleCooper94166 MichelleCooper94166 5 years
This is absolutely abuse! My heart goes out to this sweet boy. This dad is way off. He probably will achieve his goal of molding a boy who is ruthless, but that doesn't guarantee success. True success is in perspective. Status gained by the loss of compassion is wrong.
CarolineJaydaKirby CarolineJaydaKirby 5 years
anyone who doesn't think this is abuse is sick! i feel sorry for your kids. i hope CPS takes him away from this piece of sh*t.
ErinTaylor26266 ErinTaylor26266 5 years
he has shoes on. my goodness people. find something else to look down your noses at.
AlixFerre AlixFerre 5 years
I believe in bringing up my children to be strong people who fight for what they want and believe in (obviously not literally fight!!) but this is disgusting. A child his age should be out enjoying the snow making snow men and snow angels having snow ball fights not scared to death the next time it snows that he's going to be frozen to death poor lamb. I tell my little ones (2 and 4) that if they want to (ride a bike, get the main role in ballet and tap etc) they have to keep trying really hard - much more humane way of making your children strong and able to achieve anything they want and my 2 have never had to feel the pain that this little boy went through to get it!!
jessicalopez29888 jessicalopez29888 5 years
Abuse they should make the dad sit in the snow then take him to jail now a days makes you wonder how the next generation will be with all these messed up parents
Roseaingel Roseaingel 5 years
This is absolute abuse. The "father", and I use that term extremely loosely, should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Disgraceful.
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 5 years
I agree that this dad is out of his mind. I have seen many articles about parents in other countries who do this to children. They "Train" them at a young age to become olympians cause in their country they get paid a tons of money if they make it that far. Some parents in China, not all and I am not say that it is only them, but I have heard of many "Schools" there that the children live at and train for 12-18 hours a day. Doesn't mean a parent should let this happen or put their children in the snow, but worse has been done to train children all over the world.
JadeStorey65006 JadeStorey65006 5 years
Absolutely heartbreaking and sickening. :( poor baby boy! :(
LorraineBilotti LorraineBilotti 5 years
How dare him compare himself to an Eagle. Eagles do not abuse thier Eaglets. This man should be in jail for abuse and pure STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!
CharlotteLetchford CharlotteLetchford 5 years
gailannkent gailannkent 5 years
he should b put in prison 4 child abuse
MelodieAvis MelodieAvis 5 years
trishgilbert49536 trishgilbert49536 5 years
absolutly disgraceful and the father should not get away with is sooooo should treat a child in this way
Tanya96537 Tanya96537 5 years
This is child abuse and neglect and who knows what other "no pain, no game" tactics he's using on his 4 year old son. This dad needs to be brought to justice. no body in there right mind would put there child in the snow in underwear on pupuse just to hear them cry. there something wrong with this man and if nothings done theres something wrong with a world where we can you tube abusing children and its alright
EmilieBenghalem EmilieBenghalem 5 years
Wow, that is aweful.
BonnieKilgus BonnieKilgus 5 years
This is absolutely abuse!!!
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