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A Viral Video of a Girl's Encounter With Bullies Is Causing Controversy

When Sarah Cymbaluk learned that her daughter Annie was being bullied at school last December, she advised the 9-year-old to tell a teacher or the principal. When the incidents continued, however, she took matters into her own hands. The Minnesota mom posted a video to YouTube that features her daughter tearfully describing her encounter with bullies, including being told she would "die by suicide." In the video, Cymbaluk asks her daughter how these instances make feel her feel, to which Annie replies, "Sad and scared."

The video, which has since been removed from Cymbaluk's page, eventually made its way to Fosston Schools Superintendent Mark Nohner, who told CNN he was not aware of the bullying prior to Cymbaluk's posting. Though he believes the issue could have been resolved without resorting to social media, Nohner is concerned about this case, and others like it, falling through the cracks.

"We need to review our procedures and policies and maybe do a better job of articulating to the parents what we're doing," Nohner says. Watch the video and tell us, did Cymbaluk go too far?

Front Page Image Source: YouTube user News USA

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LaurieDowns LaurieDowns 3 years

That little girl needs psychological counseling to deal with her traumatization. The school is responsible for it and must pay for it. The bus driver should be fired. He has no business being in that position and using that kind of language with little kids, really ANY kids. You want to know why kids these days do not no how to be respectful? People like him, that's why. The adults in their lives are NOT MODELLING respectful behavior. PERIOD. He should have put an immediate stop to the bullying, number one, and moreover, should have schooled his own language and attitude. You don't tell a little girl like that with obvious self-esteem issues, who is already the victim of bullies on the bus, to "get up here and sit your ass down." If they paid a decent wage to the people to whom they entrust the transportation of their precious children, they could get quality people who know how to model correct behavior in front of children. Also, cameras with audio need to be on those busses and someone needs to be monitoring them regularly to ensure 1) bus drivers are doing their jobs appropriately, and 2) no incidences of bullying are happening, and if they are, they are being handled immediately and correctly.

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