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Waiter Refuses to Serve Family Who Insulted Down Syndrome Child

Waiter Refuses to Serve Family Who Insulted Down Syndrome Child

A waiter in Houston, Texas, is being celebrated for standing up for a 5-year-old with Down syndrome. During his shift earlier this week at Laurenzo's, a prime rib restaurant, Michael Garcia confronted a customer after he overheard him saying, "Special-needs children need to be special somewhere else."

"My personal feelings took over because that's ignorance in my opinion and I told him 'Sir, I won't be able to serve you,'" Garcia told Fox News.

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Have you ever had to take a stand to defend one of your kids?

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SabrinaGallegos SabrinaGallegos 4 years
I have two Autistic children and I know MORE than most about IGNORANT Ahole people. Katey you're a moron and you obviously don't have special needs kids or you wouldn't be saying the crap that's coming our your mouth. You'd be focusing on the moron educating hateful opinions to his family!! He's uneducated and there's no excuse for hateful ignorance!! It's a right for any store to refuse service! That jerk was already moved. After that he should have kept quiet before opening his uneducated mouth! There's no excuse for hateful IGNORANCE!! :(
ChristineTemple ChristineTemple 4 years
Katy you can try to cover up what you meant, but the customer was a bigot and so are you. The waiter refused to serve the man, not necessarily that the restaurant refused to serve the man. The waiter "voiced" his opinion to defend a little boy and the man didn't like it and, most likely left; I didn't read anywhere where he was asked to leave the restaurant. There's a difference between "voicing" opinion that doesn't discriminate in public and "voicing" opinion that does; public discrimination of race, gender, disability, or other types of bigotry, creates segregation and hostility, instead of tolerance and inclusion. I have a 4yr old daughter with Down syndrome and I personally find your comments to be offensive and ignorant; and if you had a child with disabilities, such as mine, you would not have made those comments about the child you love, because you would see your child as a beautiful child, not just a disability. In terms of "special needs", yes in some areas, like school, they may need more help than other children; that's the whole point of having aides and certain accommodations, by including kids with disabilities with typically developing kids, it helps typically developing kids to have tolerance and compassion, while it can help kids with disabilities to have opportunities to pattern both socially and academically, and feel like they're included, not excluded, which also helps build confidence and social acceptance. There will always be some kids who may tease, but there will also be twice as many kids, who are accepting and caring, because their parents instill that kind of mindset within them, unlike the man at the restaurant and yourself. A restaurant is not an arena where a "special needs child, needs to be special somewhere else", it was just a place to eat and be with family. A hundred years ago, many people were ashamed of having children with disabilities and would commit them to mental institutions or lock them away from the public, somewhere in the home; now, kids can get an education and supportive help, live amongst the community, be loved and accepted, and reach whatever potential that might be in them. We've come along way to try and eradicate bigotry; but unfortunately, there are still people like yourself and that man, who would continue to perpetuate bigotry and help tear down, with your "opinion"- what so many have fought to achieve for those with lifelong disabilities. Well, God help you when you are old and looking for a younger generation to treat you with kindness and acceptance, because what goes around can most certainly come around.
ElizabethFreiberg ElizabethFreiberg 4 years
Like a couple of other people have mentioned below, I have been blessed with two beautiful children who don't have any additional/special needs, but we (my husband and I) are bringing them up to look beyond the physical appearance and see the "real" person, that is their personality. The school my children attend encourages children with special needs to attend, providing them with a teacher's aide/support person, and they are fully integrated into the classroom activities, just like the other students. One of the classes offers a short lesson each week on Makaton (a sign language used by one of the special needs students) to enable all her classmates to be able to communicate with her, which is increasing the quality of her experience at school and also providing her classmates with additional knowledge and acceptance of everyone. I have done some teacher's aide work with two students with downs syndrome (one with autism as well) and they are both beautiful children whose personalities, while different to each other, are just amazing, both are very lovely children who have the same need as others, to be liked and respected for who they really are, NOT what they look like. My congratulations to this waiter who was doing his job and looking after the customers in his restaurant, not just because of the downs syndrome, I believe this waiter would have done the same thing if the discriminatory comment had been based on race, gender or anything else for that matter. Everyone has the right to be at whatever restaurant they want to be, regardless of any other factors.
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