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Walking Kids to School

School Bans Parents From Walking Kids Into School

At elementary schools all across the country, it's common to see parents walking their children to class. But in North Texas, parents will be banned from walking their children into school, CBS DFW reports. According to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford (HEB) Independent School District, the goal is to improve school security, an increasing concern, especially given yesterday's averted school shooting in Georgia. North Texas's ban will take effect once the first week of school has passed.

"It's very busy on a campus first thing in the morning, dropping off kids arriving for the day," says district spokeswoman Judy Everett Ramos. "So, being able to know who's in the building, who's in front, who's deeper into the building, is very important in keeping our kids safe."

Would you be OK with dropping your kids off at school at the door?

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Renee86048 Renee86048 4 years
I have a friend that they are not aloud at all in the school. There are no passes for parents to walk in the school to talk to the teacher or see the class room. They have a young daughter that was afraid to go to school that would feel better if her dad could walk her to her class room for a couple of days just so she could hear her dad say "I seen your class and you will be fine know" that was not aloud. These parents do not know how the class room look like or the teacher and the only person they can talk to is the principle of the school. I told them that was crazy that I would not have my kids in that school since I wasn't able to see the class room or talked to the teacher. I have no problem dropping my kids at the front door of the school and still don't have that problem since I can sign into the school with a pass and go to my child class when I have too, or see the class room at the right time and be able to meet the teacher at the right time. Kids do need the confident to be able to do it on there own once they feel safe from there parents
HelenM70198 HelenM70198 4 years
my 2 tear old will start day care in a week or so and I don't expect to take him into the classroom after the first couple of days or so. I want to make sure he[s settled but once hes confident, leaving him at the door is fine with me - I want him to be independent a d self confident, not hanging onto my skirt strings! I will also be leaving my 4 year old at the door once hes settled into his class. I know that if there are any issues then I can go into the school and speak to either his teacher or the head, so no issue there either.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 4 years
Yet another reason to homeschool.
JannaMinikovich JannaMinikovich 4 years
For those parents who think it's not ok, why do you feel the need to walk your child into class? If you want to meet the teacher than I'm pretty sure you can set up a meeting or wait for the parent - teacher meeting or become part of the PTA. And why do you feel you should have the right to walk into the school whenever you want just for the sake of it? Parents should be at work not hanging around the school, trust me I've seen those that hang around the schoolyard during lunch hour. Let the kids learn some independence and stop being a helicopter parent. You don't need to hold your child's hand every single time. And this is coming from a slightly overprotective parent, if you had to know.
SandraFowler29959 SandraFowler29959 4 years
I think people are misunderstanding. No school is going to keep you from your kids or their classrooms generally speaking. They're just not going to let people wander unchecked through the halls. People will have to individually check in. The idea behind it is that if all visitors have checked in and are accounted for - all of the children are safer. It also means that in the event that something does happen, the school knows exactly who has been wandering through their building. It has nothing to do with keeping people separate from their children and everything to do with security. It's the same at my son's childcare. They have a 'one door policy' which also means that only one door to the outside is ever unlocked at one time. Parents aren't allowed to just enter without checking in...but if I want to go and observe my son's class that's fine, I just have to wear a visitor's badge.
CoMMember13613631572307 CoMMember13613631572307 4 years
I think its great! They are trying to keep our children safe. If anyone wants to check in on there child, sign in the office, its no biggie. There's always helping the teacher to be in the class room, parents night, back to school, awards for u to be there with your child or get to know your child's teacher. Its not like they are anti parents at school.
LisaFunari LisaFunari 4 years
I am a parent with a child in this school district. This rule is really no different than it was last year as we could not walk the child to class last year either without checking in at the office. The main difference is that last year we were allowed to walk the child into the cafeteria or the gym in the morning before 7:50. Now we cannot do that. If you want in the school you must check in at the office and get a visitor a badge. I have absolutely no problem with the new rules as I think it will help keep our children safer.
LynneShearer LynneShearer 4 years
This is NOT ok. Am I not to be allowed to see for myself that my child is safe? It sounds more like they're hiding things than making the kids secure. It's also a way to remove parents from taking more of an interest in their children. Am I saying that if you don't walk your child to class that you're not interested in their education? no. What I am saying is that there are parents who really could care less about the education of their child and this makes it easier for them to throw all of it on the school system. I think that a school should be accessible to the parent. I totally agree with making the parent sign in when coming in during school hours, but there are children with anxiety problems that make it necessary for their mental health to have a parent take them to their class, and not allowing that is abusive.
SamanthaGilmore67320 SamanthaGilmore67320 4 years
This is the rule in AZ. We were allowed to walk our twins to their Kindergarten classes the first three days and then following that you had to sign in an get a visitor badge. I fully support this rule. Having the schools being proactive with security is better than reacting after an incident happens.
HopeKavos HopeKavos 4 years
This is absolutely NOT okay. It is public school. As a parent I feel it is my right and duty to know the teachers and people my child is with all day, every day. I don't think parents should be disruptive, but they should be able to be in the school throughout the day.
VanessaCordero VanessaCordero 4 years
My daughter went to pre K in El Paso Tx.last year and we weren't even allowed on school property. They made it school policy that every child must ride the school bus no matter how close you lived to the school. We were only allowed on certain occasions (graduation, award ceremonies) but security was very strict and only parents were allowed.
JennGabory JennGabory 4 years
we were not allowed to walk our kids into school this year and there was no warning the change was coming, I had an in going 6th grader who was already scared enough only to get to school and have yet another scary thing happen. Each to their own but no I do not support this at all.
CarrieGarnett CarrieGarnett 4 years
I have never been allowed to walk my kids into school (my oldest is now in his 3rd year of college). There has always been a strict policy that we are to drop the kids off on the playground and leave. Even when I was the PTA Vice President I still followed the rules.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 4 years
Our school already has this policy informally. I walked my 1st grader into the building only twice last year. Both times because he had a school project that was too big to carry himself (think science fair kind of stuff). Otherwise you leave your child at the door and if you have business in the office you walk around the front and get buzzed into the office.
EmilyHeimsch EmilyHeimsch 4 years
That's how it is in Nebraska already. I'm more concerned with my kids safety than them getting walked in to school. It also gives them more independence!
MelissaJohnson97895 MelissaJohnson97895 4 years
We've had to do that for awhile now. It's kind of unnerving, but it is for security/safety.
JannaMinikovich JannaMinikovich 4 years
And? Why do parents need to walk their kids to class anyways, are the kids incapable of walking into class by themselves? The school is doing the right thing. It's hard for the school to keep an eye on every single person that walks into the school during the busiest times, such as beginning of the day or the end of the day. The schoolyard is the place where parents should leave their kids in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. My kids school and most schools here in Montreal, have cameras and a buzzer outside the doors, Kids safety is paramount, especially with the wakos around
missnanny missnanny 4 years
The safety of all children should be the main concern. If a parent gets upset about it, tough. I would wonder why parents would be outraged. After all, isn't it better to be careful instead of letting just anyone roam the halls? If an incident did happen, the parents would be the first ones to complain that their children weren't taken care of.
JulieWhipkey JulieWhipkey 4 years
That's been the policy of the schools around us in nj for as long as I can remember. My 3 year old went to pre-k in the elementary school this post year and parents aren't even permitted to walk the youngest ones to class.
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