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Walmart OKs Breastfeeding Photos

What Happened After Walmart Refused to Print Breastfeeding Photo

Nursing moms have a new reason to celebrate. In a surprising about-face, Walmart has gone from refusing to print a photo of mom Kayla Andre breastfeeding, to allowing her to host a nurse-in demonstration in its Alberta, Canada, store.

Earlier in May, Andre's husband headed to Walmart to print out a photo of his wife nursing their young son as a Mother's Day gift. To his chagrin, the store refused to print the breastfeeding image, saying it violated the mass chain's anti-nudity policy, the Huffington Post reports.

Andre was shocked and protested to local media that the image should have been printed, saying it's a natural occurrence — despite debates over breastfeeding in public. So she organized a "nurse-in" to be held in the store, to protest the store's decision in shaming her for breastfeeding.


Walmart quickly recognized the flaw in its action, however. It apologized and clarified the store's policy for employees so that they would know breastfeeding photos are acceptable. So Andre quickly turned her protests into praise, and re-dubbed her nurse-in as "a celebration of the fact that Walmart recognized its mistake."

Andre applauded the store for being "a reasonable company who listens to their customers," and noted the chain offered gift certificates for photo printing to nurse-in participants. "They have clarified their policy, and that is something to celebrate!" she says.

Would you protest or participate in a breastfeeding event at Walmart?

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yes! right on walmart. and a big thank you to the family that stood up for breastfeeding.
TessaBarker TessaBarker 4 years
I think if someone wont to print a pic of there wife breast feeding there child they have the right to and a shop can't stop them.
AllenBooth AllenBooth 4 years
Breasts were MADE for feeding young. Besides, pictures of mothers nursing their babies look nothing like the pornographic pictures that anti-nudity policies target.
SandySeddonRice SandySeddonRice 4 years
This is great!! I'm proud of this Mom for taking a stand. The picture was beautiful... from a lactation consultant in California.
megan1364785526 megan1364785526 4 years
Yaay for breast feeding! But the thing that caught my attention was where the article States " walmart shamed her for breast feeding" come on get real people. They didn't really shame the act of breast feeding your baby- why would they sell breast pumps and bagbalm if they did? The teenager (butt crack generation) behind the counter wasnt using a lick of common sense. The husband should have told them to print the dang picture and he'd leave his number if they had any problems. Deal with it there at the store instead of going public about everything. Please get a grip.
danielledonahue54378 danielledonahue54378 4 years
Go Breastfeeding yay i breast fedy son for 2 1/2 yrs everywhere if he was hungry he ate i dont eat with a blanket over my head and neither did my son or will qny future child of mine go breastfeeding yay the breast is no more a sexual organ when feeding a baby/child than a vagina is when giving birth women a feeding their kids and the best thing they need at that not makeing out ots a beautiful healthy god given gift for our children again yay for breast feedng
April14377653 April14377653 4 years
Re Heather Lankford's comment below: In the state of Victoria, Australia, I now have two Kmarts (Walmarts.. why the name change anyway, eh?) near us that have been recently remodelled and contain a nursing area- with big clear perspex windows for everyone to perv at you! When I was breastfeeding and needed a quite seat, I received the same response from these stores.. I think their full window look could do with modifying- I used the room's change table, and low n behold, some freak was staring at my 2yo boy's genitals!
GraceOmweri GraceOmweri 4 years
I suppose its an issue of culture but I do not understand the big fuss about breastfeeding. Here it is a normal and natural thing. you can breastfeed in public in private wherever. In fact if you have a baby and they start to fuss people around you will ask why you are not breastfeeding her.
LatikaPadalkar1364697679 LatikaPadalkar1364697679 4 years
It was sucj a heart warming picture of a mom feeding her baby. All at peace in this tension ridden world. Latika Padalkar
EileenFields14319 EileenFields14319 4 years
I breastfed all 3 of my kids and covered up with a cloth in the bathroom when I was out. I think he should've got her flowers instead.
vickibeard vickibeard 4 years
I'm all for breastfeeding--in public or private. I do believe that since the breast is also a sexual organ it should be covered along with the nipple. I'm all for having Mother's Rooms in all public places where mothers can attend to breastfeeding/diapering needs in a calm, quiet, comfortable space just for that special feeding/bonding time!
HeatherLankford99453 HeatherLankford99453 4 years
I personally have a problem with Wal-Mart and breastfeeding. I was there recently and asked if there was somewhere I could sit and nurse my dd. I was told I could sit on the benches at the front of the store, which happend to be full of elderly people, both of the benches. I asked if I could sit in one of the dressing rooms, I was told it is against company policy for me to do so. I was offered the bathroom, I declined. I left a cart full of items sitting in the middle of the store and walked out. I'm not asking for a special nursing area, but if I have no place to sit, with four other children with me, what do you want the customer to do?
mountainmama0508 mountainmama0508 4 years
This is just so disheartening. It's not like they wanted to put the photo on a billboard. Our society needs to wake up and support breastfeeding. It's the natural and healthy way to feed our children. I hardly think most women are anxious to expose themselves while breastfeeding- they are discreet or use a cover. And if it's going to be socially unacceptable, big box stores and malls need to provide quiet, clean family rooms where moms can breastfeed or change a diaper without being banished to a disgusting public toilet. I breastfed my kids until 19 and 14 months respectively, and I'm currently nursing a 9 month old. I'll do this where and when he needs it. If you don't like it, don't look!
filomena56805 filomena56805 4 years
Tyane, it's up to you to tell you 14 year old that's NOT gross, it's a natural act. And even a nipple is not offensive. Come to Northern Europe and everyone is OK with nudity, everyone respects breasfeeding moms, because it's just a mom attending a hungry child, otherwise every mom would have to stay at home or hide during their babies first months! If you educate your child to have this kind of prejudice, they will have it... So sorry to tell you, but that's not your son's fault to feel shocked, it's your fault!
StephFilby StephFilby 4 years
Seriously, its just a mum feeding her baby, not a display of public nudity or sex. I am quite shocked at the reactions to be honest. I can understand the photo issue, if the assistant was told no naked boobs and decided to be cautious rather than risk their job, fair enough, and Walmart clarified so fair enough too. In the Uk we have unisex changing rooms in any half decent store and also designated feeding rooms. No baby should have to be fed in a toilet. As for a breast feeding sit in, I wouldn't take part. Partly because I don't breastfeed, my choice, and partly because it is a perfectly natural normal thing and imo doesn't need any level of demonstration.
DebraLee20868 DebraLee20868 4 years
debralee Just my observance but the amount of cleavage shown by a nursing mother is no more than the amount shown by a lot of women these days. As a matter of fact 80% of the women's tops sold at Walmart shows as much cleavage. The difference being that a nursing mother is NOT trying to be provocative! If your worry is about your boyfriend/ husband ogling...... blame the revealing clothing worn by some women and not a mother trying to attend to her hungry child's needs.
vickiec51 vickiec51 4 years
so this story is about walmart not wanting to print a photo with a mother breast feeding her child..hmmm seems to me walmart photo people need not work there if that is the case...I can see if other types of pictures showing pedifilia etc something criminal were printed but not breast feeding moms...get a grip or walmart hire someone else who can handle breast feeding moms..however ....I didnt know if this article was about breast feeding in public or what..I do not howerver feel that it is right to have women breast feeding in public...with that note...bathrooms have got to rise above their disgusting looks and just disgusting period...and have a place where moms can go and feed their babies in the restroom...or a side room..daaaa....also fathers need to be able to take the baby into the bathroom and change the diaper..there are a lot of single fathers who take their children out and married ones who do the task of changing diapers...its called know...
LisaChristensen60624 LisaChristensen60624 4 years
This is a ridiculous conversation. Breastfeeding is nothing more than feeding an infant. It isn't sexual and it isn't nudity. If you are walking past a breastfeeding woman and your child says what is that lady doing, you simply say "breastfeeding" and leave it at that. What is the big deal? I mean seriously? Grow up ladies, for heavens sake.
TreasireBrown TreasireBrown 4 years
I think it is obnoxious to breastfeed in public. I think it should be legal. But I think women who do it want attention.
filomena56805 filomena56805 4 years
I find North America attitude towards nudity simply hypocrite. You can't see a nipple, because it's nudity, but free violence with fire arms is OK in national TV, not the mention that the biggest industry for Porn comes from US. I always nursed my children in public, sometimes I've covered, sometimes I didn't, I am aware of what's politically correct or not, but referring to breastfeeding as gross?! Referring to breastfeeding as nudity and comparing it to sex?! You really need to get your little brain cells together and think about how ridiculous this is.
KristyArmstrongSmith KristyArmstrongSmith 4 years
I breastfed all three of my children for a year. Out of respect for others choices I always covered up. Now days they have so many cool nursing covers that are wonderful. What I can't understand is why you would want a picture of yourself breast feeding?? What kid wants to see that later down the road. Gross!!
StephanieBell83578 StephanieBell83578 4 years
Just to add. Other than this hiccup, at one store, Walmart Canada is a very breast feeding friendly store. They have a policy in place that employees are not allowed to ask a women to cover up or leave the store, even if another customer complains. Employees are to leave a breast feeding mom alone. Which is the way it should be!
Terry17427 Terry17427 4 years
Oh good gracious. I can't believe the ridiculousness I am seeing here. First, all of these wild stories of women running around stores with "their breasts hanging out" are either blatant lies, or at the very least, grand exaggerations. Have you ever actually seen a woman breastfeeding? They don't strip down in order to do so. It requires a slight shifting of the fabric of the shirt. Clothing and the baby's head covers the breast even if a cover or blanket is not used. Honestly, when you have a baby to feed, "showing off" is the least of a nursing mother's concerns. Now, likening breastfeeding to public urination, defecation, or sex is asinine and makes your argument null and void. Come on, now, how in the world is a small display of skin anything like pooping or peeing in front of others? The first is merely feeding, while the later is the actual leaving behind of bodily waste and the spreading of germs and disease and filth an stench. Get real. And if you think breastfeeding is in some way sexual, you have a screw loose. If you have concerns that your husband or boyfriend or whomever is obsessed with searching out women who are breastfeeding to ogle, sounds like you should take that issue up with said husband or boyfriend, as that sounds like a fetish. In all reality, they see more breasts on the covers of agazines in the chechout aisles at stores. Finally, how about educating your children instead of trying to shame women who choose to do something so wonderful for their children such as breastfeed? A child is certainly capable of understanding that a woman who is nursing is providing the baby with food and helping that baby to be healthy. It's a simple, concise, accurate answer. I actually don't know what other explanation you would be giving your children about "what that lady is doing" that wouldn't be a lie, crafted out of ignorance. Breastfeeding mothers deserve to be treated respectfully.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
I'm in total agreement with the mothers who feel that exposed breasts during breastfeeding is awkward and still nudity. I breast fed my 1st child but chose not to breast feed my 2nd. The breastfeeding fanatics tried to make me feel like I was an unfit mother when I brought out a bottle in public even when it was breast milk. I never felt comfortable with exposing my breasts and I feel very uncomfortable when a woman pulls her breast out and starts feeding without covering up. Honestly, I believe these women feel like they need to make a statement and show the world how righteous they are! I realize we aren't living in the Victorian Era but these days so many people lack decorum and modesty. TV and movies do show too much sex, nudity, and violence but we can change the channel or choose not to watch but we can't do that at a restaurant or while shopping when a woman blatantly exposes herself because she feels the need to make a statement. Many of us don't care if they breastfeed - just cover up for goodness sakes!!!
jane93852 jane93852 4 years
sorry...but i don't want to watch people breastfeeding in public. sex is natural too and i also don't want to see that in public. i think it is a wonderful way for a mother and child to bond. but it is also personal and private. breasts are MORE than a built in bottle. you won't like the answer i will give my child if he asks me in public what "that lady is doing". i don't want to explain to my child why your breast is hanging out.... :)
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