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Warning About Baby Slings

Government Set to Issue Baby Sling Warning

Babywearers beware! The head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission is preparing to issue a general warning about baby slings, citing suffocation hazards with the popular fabric carriers.

Speaking at the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, CPSC head Inez Tenenbaum said, "We know of too many deaths in these slings and we now know the hazard scenarios for very small babies. So, the time has come to alert parents and caregivers."

The agency head did not specify any particular baby sling manufacturers, there have been growing safety concerns about the products. In some cases, slings have not been properly secured, and babies have fallen out of them, while other versions force lil ones into a curled up "C" position, increasing their chances of suffocation.


Babywearing has grown in popularity as more mamas heed attachment parenting beliefs. Seventeen percent of LilSugar readers told us that they tote their tot in a sling, and the carriers' popularity was even spoofed in a You Tube video earlier this year.

If you are a babywearer, do you ever worry about suffocation? Will you consider alternative methods for carrying your wee one now?

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snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
we have an ergo baby a baby bjorn and a pretty sling made by my sil who is a fashion designer. unfortunately i do not use the sling very much as it is less user friendly than the other two. actually now that i think of it, one of my issues is that it doesn;t seem safe and it doesnt free up my hands because i'm always holding her. i like the ergo the most but still, if i use it too much (i'm always hauling around the stroller at the same time for my toddler) i'll get a slightly sore back. (way less than the bjorn though, and my daughter is pretty heavy. the great thing was that i could use it from birth because of the infant insert. And we've been able to get out of the house way more than we would have without it since my daughter prefers to be upright like that. the only other ones id like to try are those stretchy ones .... just remember to be careful, dont assume that the product is safe for you and your baby (just because its not banned) if it doesn;t seem safe.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
I never could get the hang of the sling. Then I got the mei tai, and my life was awesome. It was so nice to have a baby safely tied to me, giving me both my hands.
kindo1313 kindo1313 7 years
Babywearing in itself is not unsafe, but there are unsafe ways to wear your baby no matter what style of carrier you use. It is your job as a responsible parent to learn how to wear your baby safely in any carrier you have. You can't really buy a carrier from a dept store and expect to know how to use it perfectly from what it says on the tag.
macneil macneil 7 years
The thing is, I had two and I didn't use the first with the first baby because it was so tight, and I couldn't seem to loosen it, and she always cried and seemed all bundled up. Then the second was more like a purse, with a handle and gathered sides, and that still seemed to twist my second baby's neck, and I was also aware she could drop out if I didn't hold her in it while moving certain ways. I'm sure they're brilliantly safe if you know what you're doing, but there are a lot of mothers like me who just couldn't work it out.
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