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Waterproof Shoes For Kids

Look, Ma, No Laces! 12 Cool Shoe Alternatives to Crocs

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Like many moms, I have a rather confusing relationship with Crocs. They're super easy to clean and to get on and off (they are the only shoe my kids never ask for help with), and they provide a closed-toe shoe solution for school rules, and are great at the beach or for running around outside. But this mama gets sick of seeing the same rubber kicks day in and day out — and honestly, I'm just not a fan of the way they look. Function usually wins over fashion when it comes to my kiddos, so while I might not be tossing the old standbys anytime soon, some of these alternatives accomplish the same goals all while sprucing up your child's Spring shoe collection.

Source: Flickr user willowgardeners

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