I remember getting my first manicure before my eighth grade dance. It was a big deal and I appreciated how special the gift was from my mother. I didn't notice my eyebrows were bushes to be reckoned with until my first year of college. Thankfully, while growing up I never felt the need to excessively beautify myself as I had confidence. For kids these days, it's a different story.

To see what the latest underage beauty treatment is,


Now, lil ladies as young as five are lined up for manicures and pedicures at spas. The owner of hair salon Ouidad in NYC told ABC:

I have children as young as six and seven come into the salon. They do a chemical treatment.

It is definitely becoming a trend to tend to oneself at a younger age. Some resorts like the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio cater to the crowd with a youth spa called the "SPAhhhT." Since girls wax their bikini lines in 6th grade and get nail treatments in elementary school, the worry is that they will put too much emphasis on their looks and lose their self esteem.

Stressed Out Girls author Roni Cohen-Sandler says:

The earlier that girls begin to see themselves as objects that are appealing to the opposite sex and worry about how they look — that is harming them psychologically. They're not able to feel good about themselves.

When my daughter is old enough, I will gladly spoil her with a mani–pedi for a momentous event. As for the waxing and chemical peels, she can pay for those herself.

Would you allow your child to start such beauty regiments at such a tender age?