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Ways to Burp a Baby

There's More Than One Way to Burp Baby

Every mama has a favorite position and we're not talking about sex or breastfeeding. When babies take in milk, either through breast or bottle-feeding, they often ingest air, causing their tummies to fill with excess gas and making them uncomfortable. A burp break can easily alleviate the pain and keep the lil one in good spirits, but just how do you choose to burp your tot? No two babies are identical and no burping position is best. And just because one position works one day, it might not work the next. So tell us, what is your favorite way to burp your offspring?

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MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
lol, thats funny anon. I like putting them on my leg facing left, cupping their chin, and burping with my right hand. It works best for me and my kiddos.
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