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rossy rossy 7 years
To *lickety split*... - Oh. My. God. 9 Months of colic! Poor baby - Not just the baby, but poor you & rest of your family. And here I was pulling my hair out having a day of dealing with a colicky baby (lasting about a mouth) AND a 5 year old's temper tantrum... - It was a couple of years ago when my mom & I were visiting my brother & his wife on Xmas Eve (that was a good arrangement since Xmas Day was the wife's family's turn). Anyway, the baby developed colic overnight & would be left with me & my mom, while my brother, wife & firstborn would head over to her parents' place for the next several hours. - While they were out getting last minute things, my mom was trying to dress the 5 year old while I tried soothing the baby to sleep. He was screaming: "NO! NO! NO!"; the baby was crying loudly. I took her with me & watched my nephew tearing the clothes off himself, throwing them across the room - while he hid behind the recliner, screaming. - At my mom's panicked look, we switched. I tried to get him to wear his Xmas "gift", from his mother's aunt who couldn't make the holiday; the ugliest green shirt, pants, tie & yellow jacket anybody saw... - I was the only 1 able to save the day. It turned out that when we switched again & she tried to dress my nephew, my niece (having rejected the swaddling blanket, rocking chair & lying in the crib) - Finally took to laying her on my left shoulder & rocking standing up, switched her to my right... BOOM! She fell asleep! Then I fell asleep (YEP! Standing & swaying - my mom took a picture as proof), my mom woke me (carefully), took her & I went out to deal with the firstborn. Fed up, I asked him what HE wanted to wear... He lit up, dragged me into his bedroom, opened drawers here & there, & I helped him dress... Then I stood, rocking a screaming baby gulping breaths as she snuggled on my shoulder, for 10-15 minutes till she deep enough asleep to lay her down in her crib. - My brother & his wife came, threw their own fit seeing what their son was wearing & spent the next 20 minutes undoing all my work while he went nuts. Suffice it to say... I've never seen a 5 year old so traumatized as he was. When they finally realized that the only thing that mattered was their son's enjoyment of the holiday & NOT pleasing someone not even there... Well, he wouldn't let anybody but me help him dress in the clothes HE chose himself. LOL He has to this day, great taste. The clothes were thrown out; not fit for ANYONE to wear. UGH.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
my #3 had colic, for 9 months. every day for 3 hours starting at exactly the same time everyday. odd. at least it was just the 3 hours. we tried all of these things but nothing worked. then one day it just stopped. colic is so odd.
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