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Webcams Allows Parents to Watch Their Infants in the Hospital

Webcams Allows Parents to Watch Their Infants in the Hospital

If you've ever peered at a preemie inside an incubator, you'll understand the plight of parents who have to leave a struggling new baby in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) while they return to work.

But several hospitals around the country are addressing this anguish by mounting special "NICVIEW" webcams above the incubators of infant patients. Parents can reassure themselves around the clock that their babies are alright by accessing the video feed through a password protected web site, and administrators say the program is a huge success.

Even parents whose babies don't make it have good things to say about the technology. Noelani Dauphinee, whose son Jonathan lived for only a week, told CNN that, "You just never know how precious those moments will end up being. In our case it went from being OK to a lot worse in a matter of hours, and it made such a huge difference to be able to know that we had that access."


Read the whole story (CNN)

Have you ever visited a baby in the NICU?

Image Source: via CNN

Join The Conversation
JaniceK JaniceK 5 years
Gretchen, have you had a baby in the NICU? If you had, you would know that it's NOT understood. In most peoples' minds, NICU = preemie. And, P.S. no need to tell other people what is necessary to post.
GretchenGraves GretchenGraves 5 years
I think It's understood that not all babies in NICU are preemies.. no need to keep repeating the obvious .
JaniceK JaniceK 5 years
I also feel the need to point out that not all NICU babies are preemies. My daughter, born full term, spent ten weeks in the NICU. It was really frustrating for everything to be preemie-focused.
CoMMember13612936063736 CoMMember13612936063736 5 years
Would have loved this during my sons 4 months stay in the NICU!! I would get up and go at odd hours of the night just to watch him sleep.
JenniferBakerJoyner JenniferBakerJoyner 5 years
I wish the hospital would have had this when our little one was in the NICU. He spent his first 5 months in the NICU and we thank God everyday he is here. This would have given me so much peace to know that he was doing ok. This is a wonderful and awesome!
shatakerei shatakerei 5 years
CherilynMorton CherilynMorton 5 years
Would just like to say that not all babies in NICU are premies. My Daughter was nearly 2 weeks late but had severe Jaundice & feeding problems, she was in hosp for 2 weeks after being born & spent 8 days in special care. How ever old the babies in NICU are the nurses do a wonderful job & truely are Angles on earth.
KarenTokar KarenTokar 5 years
I would have loved this when my son was born! That's great they're doing this now.
MelodyCarter MelodyCarter 5 years
I wish that the hospital where my premie daughter was born had had this! it would have given me more peace of mindto be able to see her when I was not there.
MichelleGershon1676 MichelleGershon1676 5 years
Too cool. They did not have this when our grandson was born 17 years ago -- would have given his parents such comfort. As well as comfort to the other parents with little ones in the NICU. Our guy is six feet tall now and doing great and I pray most of the others are doing well also.
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