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Website lil Loves: ECHOage

Mamas fear their babe's birthday parties, but not because of the cake and chaos that ensue — it's the presents that send parents into a panic. A room full of gifts is more than some youngsters can handle and sadly, many items just get tossed in the toy box once they are brought home. Two mommies figured out a solution to this problem and founded ECHOage to share their genius idea with other mothers.

The site is a party service that sends out paperless invitations to your tot's birthday party and allows for the guests (or their parents) to make a secure payment online in lieu of a present. Then half of the money is donated to the celebrant's charity of choice and the rest is paid to the guest of honor to pick out one special gift. Aside from teaching kids to be considerate of others, the concept cuts out invitations, cards, thank-you notes, wrapping paper and mall trip pollution making it Eco-friendly as well.

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LilaBo LilaBo 8 years
the idea of paperless invites is nice, but i think the money part of it is a horrible idea. its very impersonal and also pretty forward to insist that your guests donate their money to a charity of your choosing.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
Exactly. It's also saying you expect people to donate or bring a gift. We've just never approached a party with that attitude.
Read2me Read2me 8 years
While the idea of making a donation to a charity instead of buying a gift is great, the fact that 50% of the $ will go to the child to buy one special thing makes it seem like a dolled up way of asking for cash.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
This goes against every instinct on my part. It makes the focus on gifts. Then again, the whole thing doesn't put me into a tailspin either.
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