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Wee TV: Chandra Wilson's a Compelling Working Mom

Wee TV: Chandra Wilson's a Compelling Working Mom

If there were an award for the most compelling working mom on the small screen, Chandra Wilson would run away with it. And, it's about time the media strayed from the stereotypical image of the suited up mum who puts her career before her children and can navigate a palm pilot better than the playground. Especially since the US Census Bureau, reports that 55 percent of mothers with infant children work and 72 percent of mothers with children ages 15-44.

If you tuned into Grey's Anatomy last night and watched Bailey's horror as her son, Tuck was admitted into the ER after a bookcase accident you understand what I'm talking about. It's every mother's worst nightmare that something could happen to your child, let alone the possibility that your own negligence caused it. Needless to say watching the episode with my son sleeping on my lap was doubly emotional. To see what happened,


I credit the real-life mom's acting ability — remember the beautiful scene last season when the hard core medicine woman sang a lullaby over the phone to put her baby to bed? And, kudos to the show's talented writers who crafted such a layered character. I imagine there weren't many mom viewers especially working women who have tried to juggle it all, with dry eyes.

Despite her strong doctor facade, as Bailey waited to see if lil Tuck would make it through surgery and recovery unscathed all she truly had was faith. And, that's something to which any mother who has ever been in a helpless situation could relate.


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JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
This definitely hits home. It really showed how the work/life balance is not as easy as some people lead you to believe. It was hard to watch being a working parent and wife. You always wonder how to find a good balance and hope you are doing it right.
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