Three is the magic number. At least, that's what the Gosselins discovered on last night's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Since the twins, Cara and Madelyn, were at school, Jon and Kate realized that splitting the sextuplets in half allowed each parent to spend quality time with their threesome and enjoy the simple luxuries of everyday life like popping tots in the car for an outing.

While the guys headed out for a game of golf, the girls ran out for groceries and did a baking project. Just when you thought it couldn't get much cuter than the three lil ladies — Alexis, Leah, and Hannah — grinning around the kitchen, the show cut to the boys — Collin, Aaden, and Joel — at the golf course cruising around in a cart, and running around the course letting off steam. The parents have never looked so relaxed and the kids have never been so quiet. While I love the banter and chaos of the Gosselins's everyday life, whether you have two kids or 20, having less than the lot seems to make certain tasks much more manageable.

Are there activities or errands you only do with one or some of your children?