Last night's episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 wasn't all about the twins and sextuplets, it focused on Jon and Kate. And, while there weren't any scenes of kids impersonating animals or eating modeling clay, the couple proved just as interesting. Before they became parents, the mom and dad now beloved for their bickering, banter, and ability to make raising eight children look doable, were a couple of lovebirds.

The home video footage they shared revealed a smitten Kate staring at a starry eyed Jon. There were snippets of their engagement, wedding and honeymoon in Disney World. At 22 and 24, the carefree newlyweds who met at a picnic just after Kate finished nursing school and Jon returned from backpacking though Europe, never suspected they would eventually be elbows deep in diapers and driving a family van. Five years later, they were the parents of eight. And, now as they manage their growing brood, though the affectionate glances may be fewer and further between, they are still there. The thing I love about Jon and Kate is that they are real.

What do you like most about the Gosselins?