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Wee Are the World: Hole in the Wall Gang Camps

Wee Are the World: Hole in the Wall Gang Camps

Lots of parents take shuttling their youngsters off to camp for granted. But for other moms and pops, the prospect of their seriously ill tots enjoying one of life's simple pleasures is a dream.

Twenty years ago the late actor Paul Newman opened the first Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut to give children with a variety of illnesses the opportunity to experience athletics, arts and crafts and theater while camping under the watchful eye of specially trained counselors and themed medical centers. At the camp, lil ones are not treated any differently than healthy kids. Through the sale of Newman's Own food products and donations, the camp has now expanded to 11 locations in four countries.

Hole in the Wall Gang Camps serve more than 1,000 kiddos living with cancer, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, HIV and other serious medical conditions free of charge each Summer. Through the foundation, they have expanded their reach to Asia and Africa, partnering with local organizations to help children living with HIV/AIDS in those countries build confidence and enjoy a break from the hardship in their lives.

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rgruber rgruber 8 years
It sounds like such a rewarding experience to work at one of these camps. I would love to volunteer my time there one day.
ovenmitt ovenmitt 8 years
thanks for the write up on HITW. I was a camper there twenty years ago and I appreciate anyone who brings attention to this incredible cause. Just so you know, the logo you have is for the original camp located in Ashford, CT, which is in its twenty first year. The Association of the Hole in the Wall Camps, which oversees the network of camps worldwide, is at Again - thank you so much for bringing HITW to light!
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