Bottoms up! When it comes time to move baby from breast to bottle, there are a lot of options on the market. When my son was born, I swore by a barely known brand of bottles that quickly gained momentum after the Bisphenol A scare called BornFree. The non-toxic containers didn't leak and had sippy cups made in their likeness so my child was able to easily transition to a big boy cup at about 4 to 5 months old. While I'm still a fan, there's a new line on the market that I'm equally impressed by and considering for my baby-to-be — Weil Baby. Having read a few of the renowned health experts books, I was anxious to check out Dr. Andrew Weil's bottles, training cups, brushes, and silicone nipples and pacifiers. Though creating modern eye candy wasn't his intent, the line's ergonomic lines will be popular with design conscious parents as well as eco-friendly families. Made from glass and Tritan, a clear BPA free material, the bottles ($18 - $19 for a 2pk) have a built-in venting system (no tedious washing!) that helps eliminate gas bubbles and colic in kiddos. The goods are sold in recyclable packaging so you can also feel good about lessening your wee one's carbon footprint.