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At What Age Did Your Child Enter Preschool?

Next week marks the beginning of the school year for many children in the country, and some will attend school for the very first time. Kids seem to be starting formal education programs earlier than they used to, with some wee ones enrolling before they turn 2. Since 75 percent of 4-year-olds attend a preschool program, we want to know how old your child was when he began hitting the books.

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keeper13 keeper13 9 years
Surreal's only 8 months, so I guess we're not too sure on when that's gonna happen.
vickibug vickibug 9 years
My daughter started last year at 2 1/2 for 2.5 hours 2 days a week. I mainly did it so she could hang out with some other kids. She loved it! I had to get her attention just to tell me goodbye! She starts back up again next week and the 3 yr old program is more into teaching colors, numbers, etc. But I'm still mainly doing it for the socialization aspect. I stay home with her and it has really been good for both of us to have some time apart...we are just so darn happy to see each other again!
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
I don't have kids yet, but I will start sending them when they are 3 to a few half days a week. In Florida, there is a voluntary pre-k program for 4-year olds where the state subsidizes pre-school programs in exchange for free schooling before kindergarten. I believe it is half-day classes 5 days a week. I think they did it because so many kids are in daycare and preschool at early ages now, that children from families that can't afford daycare are actually behind when they start kindergarten.
caligirl101 caligirl101 9 years
My daughter was 4 when she started to attend preschool at the children's center at the college I was attending. The class was a group of of 3 and 4 year olds.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 9 years
My daughter is almost 2 1/2 (2 & 4mths) and I picked her up with the preschoolers [3-5 year olds] today. She told her teachers she wanted to be with them because she is a Big Girl, lol. (She only said that because several months ago I told her to tell one of her new teachers she doesn't wear diapers, she's a big girl. I was livid about it, but I knew my daughter could handle standing up to them about the diaper issue.) I put her in this daycare/school program when she was 15 1/2 months part-time, then I slowly let go to full-time by the time she was 18 month old. It was the smartest thing I've ever done. She's much more intelligent around all the other children, especially since I'm through having children. The things they teach her is like pre-preschool to me. I'm glad they let her mingle with the older children. I want her to start kindergarten when she is 4 1/2, hopefully.. even if it takes teaching her extra things earlier, etc. I started kindergarten at 4. My sister did also.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
"Next week marks the beginning of the school year for many children in the country"... wow! Where I live (OK) kids have been back to school (k-12) since Aug 13 or so. All of the colleges (except mine) started back on Aug 18 ... mine started this week on Monday. I didn't attend preschool I just started in K. I really don't know if I'll send mine to preschool or not.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
no pre school just daycare and off to kinder at 5, my son started school for the first time this monday and he loves it
Roarman Roarman 9 years
My daughter now 8, has been in daycare since she was 9 months old and attended an official "pre-school" starting at 4. My son, now 1, has been attending daycare since he was 4 months and his current daycare moves them over to pre-school at 3 1/2
Greggie Greggie 9 years
They didn't. Our daycare had a very light preschool program incorporated, but mostly we did the preschool activities at home. My daughter may if I don't end up going back to work before she's 4. Otherwise she'd do the same thing the boys did.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
anniekim... i've heard such GREAT things about the music together program and our lil guy LOVES anything music (altho i think all children do) that i'm sooo excited to start. glad to know that you ALL enjoyed it so much... (and 7 wks... go mommy)!
lms lms 9 years
My daughter started at 2 1/2.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
In my state(RI) kids can't attend preschool unless they are 3. They must turn 3 before Sept. 1 of the school year. My daughter started last year at age 3 attending 3 half days. She will have 4 half days this year. I went to preschool for 2 years as a kid so I must have started at 3. Of course, it was called "Nursery School" back then. roxtarchic--we do music together and my girls loooove it! When we started my oldest was almost 3 and the baby was 8 months. We did a summer session with all 3 girls in August--youngest at 7 weeks. I hope you like it as much as we do.
roxtarchic roxtarchic 9 years
this is really interesting... i had no idea that preschool began at 2 and 3... i thought it was 4, and kindergarden at 5. i guess it's something i should be looking into, because i'm sure there will be waiting lists.... we are starting a music together program in sept... that I"M SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT hahah. and our lil guy's 10 months (tomorrow).
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 9 years
Mine is 2 1/2 and starts school next month - two days a week for 2 1/2 hours. I think it is more of a separation program than anything else, but it should be good for him to interact with teachers and kids!
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
My daughter is being moved up from daycare to preschool next week. She's two.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
3 1/2, and that was for 3 1/2 hours twice a week. just a tsste of school :)
nv27 nv27 9 years
I dont have kids, but I think I started preschool between 2-3.
Bisque Bisque 9 years
My sister enrolled my nephew at 3 years old. The difficulty though is finding a preschool that's perfect for us, considering the tuition, distance from our house, type of learning activities the school has and the other kids that my nephew would be in contact with. The first one was alright, although focused too much on the schoolroom. We then transferred him to a preschool nearer to our home with schoolroom and outside learning activities. However, there is no sufficient waiting area for my sister, myself or my mother to stay at while we wait for the class to end. It also has a faulty A/C system and my nephew is exposed to hot and cold conditions that has proven to be detrimental to his health. We are now looking at a new preschool, it has a higher tuition fee but bigger and better facilities and more teachers in it. Snacks/Food is inclusive and they make sure it's a well balanced meal. We're still continuing to check it out because now that my nephew has made friends in his current preschool, we are unsure if we want to take that away from him
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
She was 3. I stayed home with her before then. It makes me kinda laugh that people are JUST NOW going back. School in ATL has been in for almost a full month now.
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