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What Are the Best Cities for Families?

What Are the Best Cities for Families?

Do you like the city where you live? has evaluated 100 American cities according to 5 factors they say make a city great for families: great schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, jobs, and parkland. Their ranking places Washington, D.C. in the number one spot. Other top-ranked cities are Austin, Texas, St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Circle of Moms is based in San Francisco, which ranked fairly low at #63 — but we love it all the same!

It made us wonder, what actually makes a city a great place for raising kids? Is it truly about the abundance of basics (good schools and jobs, affordable homes), amenities (parkland), and safety (low crime rates)? Or does it come down to how rooted to the community you and your family feel?


Find out where your city ranked

What truly makes a city a great place for raising kids?

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KimCardentey KimCardentey 6 years
Wow honolulu and DC? Greeat cities for families? What a joke. The average family can't afford a home in either one and DC has a very high crime rate and pretty horrible schools.
MaryDavidson MaryDavidson 6 years
My husband and I are always considering a move, and thinking about "great cities" requires a consideration of the following categories for us: affordable homes, good schools, continuing education opportunities for us (graduate school), parks and family activities (farmers markets, festivals, bowling, libraries, etc), lots of great walking or bike riding neighborhoods, and active local churches. For us, its not about being rooted or close to family members, but rather what is best for our immediate family and where we will have opportunities to be in ministry.
AshlieTaylor AshlieTaylor 6 years
I would have to agree with Jenn. I was actually looking into relocating to the Alexandria area very recently and the cost of living is ridiculous! My googling around basically told me that unless my household income was less than 80,000 my family of three could expect to be living in group housing and rationing food!
JennPotts JennPotts 6 years
I don't know what the authors used as criteria for what makes an "affordable" home, but I can guarantee that a majority of people in my community would not be able to afford a home in D.C.
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