A friend of mine called me after she gave birth to her daughter and asked, "Why didn't you tell me all the crazy stuff that happens?"

The truth was, as the first in our group to have a child, I had no one with whom to compare notes. And, I didn't want to scare anyone.

I wasn't sure if everyone spotted for months after giving birth or if it was just me who stood in grocery store line two weeks postpartum thinking that my life had changed forever.

And, I didn't know becoming Dolly Parton a few days after delivering was the norm.

To see what happened,


It was an unintentional lie of omission, but once I had my friend to consult it made being a mom (and bringing a subsequent child into the world) all the easier.

When someone said contractions don't hurt or that life after babe is a breeze, we'd call their bluff.

And, make sure to tell our childless friends all the gory, frustrating, beautiful, unattractive and awe inspiring details of motherhood so they can prepare.

While everyone has a different experience once they are with child, most women can recall a fib or two they were told about child bearing or rearing. Tell us yours.