A, B, C. . . If only selecting a doctor was as easy as teaching your child the alphabet or thumbing through the yellow pages! Choosing an OB/GYN can be compared to studying for a final exam. There are histories to check, references to get and insurance companies that must be consulted. Some receive referrals from friends and family, while others select one simply based on proximity to their home or office. Many women select their doctor before children are ever even a thought in the back of their head, and then want to reevaluate their decision after they become pregnant. It's a giant headache.

According to a new JAMA study, mamas-to-be may want to spend some time researching where her doctor did his or her residency before signing on as a patient. Research into 4.9 million baby deliveries in Florida and New York found that those delivered by doctors trained in the top 20 percent of obstetric residential programs had less complications than those trained elsewhere.

How did you choose your doctor?