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What to Do When Your Baby Hates Bathtime

Has your splash-happy baby suddenly started crying through bathtime? Don't worry, you're not alone! One of the common bathtime topics on Circle of Moms is what to do when your baby doesn't like bathtime. While there's no catch-all cure for the bathtime blues, here we're rounding down some of the best tips on Circle of Moms for making bathtime fun again.

    1. Bathe with Your Child.
      Try bathing with your baby to give her confidence that both baths and the water are safe and fun. If you smile and laugh as you play with bubbles and bath toys, your child may want to jump right in to join the fun.
    1. Try a Different Time of Day.
      Sometimes timing is everything. "In the beginning my daughter hated having baths at night so I gave them to her in the morning and she loved them," shared Jackie Y. Every baby has their own fussy times, so try giving your baby baths at different times of day - before the last feeding of the night, after the last feeding, or even in the morning.
    1. Keep the Water Warm.
      Cold bath water may be one of the culprits. "My little one gets mad when she gets cold," says Jaime M. "I constantly pour warm water on her while she is in there so she doesn't get too cold."
    1. Fight Fear of the Drain.
      Some children are actually afraid of the drain. When Amy D.'s son was scared of going down the drain, she waited until he was out of the room to let out the water. "After a period of time I was able to reason with him and show him it was impossible to go down the drain but it took a while!"
    1. Offer Distractions Galore!
      There are lots of easy ways to make bathtime fun. Lianne S.'s daughter loved bath paints, while Veronica G. suggests rubber duckies (moms also suggest making these toys "bathtime only" so your child is more excited to play with them). Others suggest adding bubbles or color tablets that change the bath water color.

Looking for more advice on bathtime? Got a great tip we missed?

Come on in—the water's fine! On Circle of Moms you can join conversations on all kinds of bathtime tips. Wondering how often to bathe your infant or toddler? Not sure how or when to switch to the big tub? Or overwhelmed by handling bathtime with twins? Real moms are sharing their advice on these topics and more.

Image Source: madprime via Flickr/Creative Commons

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