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What Drowning Really Looks Like

What Does Drowning Look Like? Not What You Think

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about drowning. I took my eyes away for seconds to check on my 4-year-old swimmer. "Great job!" I shouted out, so proud that he had reached the other side of the pool without any help. He was coming along quite well as a swimmer! I wasn't surprised; we've practically lived at the pool since he was 2 years old! Related: If hospitals don't teach new moms how to breastfeed, who will? I turned my head back to my 3-year-old whose quiet desperation was begging for me to grab him. He was bobbing for a breath. His hands weren't splashing. Without a word, his wide panicked eyes were imploring mommy to HELP! Seconds ago, he was playing on the steps. Seconds ago, while my head was turned, he had decided to swim to mommy. Seconds ago, I didn't realize I may only have seconds left. I pulled him up and rushed him to the side of the pool. He gasped and coughed. I had been right there with him the whole time, but with one moment it could've been bad. So bad. It all could've happened so fast. We were lucky. This week, the BabyCenter community has been abuzz with an article about what to look for in drowning—the first paragraph alone should shock anyone into reading and memorizing the whole article to learn more about what to look for when it comes to drowning. None of this is new though, BabyCenter blogger Kristina Sauerwein wrote about her experience a couple of years ago in the post "In a blink, my son began to drown." "Drowning is not the violent, splashing call for help that most people expect," writes Mario Vittone, author of "Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning." Drowning is quick and silent. Have you ever had a close call while swimming with your kids?

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CoMMember13631186799275 CoMMember13631186799275 4 years
I was in the swimmingpool when my 2 year old daughter stummbled in to the deeper area.. i watched her fall and thought maby she would stand up and turn around.. but she didnt.. she had her face down in the wather and at that point when i realise she didnt try to struggle her way out of the wather.. I was experiancing a silent drowning.. So i quickely grabed her up.. All of this happend for just 3 sec.. from the moment she stumbled until she didnt move her head away from the wather..
TaraWilliamson37198 TaraWilliamson37198 4 years
This is true...I am a lifeguard ,and I had to rescue a young child who was literally drowning right behind his father. It was silent, and his dad was mere inches from his drowning son , totally oblivious.
AmyWard32318 AmyWard32318 4 years
I had a similar experience at swimming lessons a few years ago. I was sitting with my mom and husband watching my three older boys swim across the deep end of the pool while my 2 year old was playing on the steps at the shallow end. He was about 6 fee from me. I remember looking at him and then looking at the deep end. In a few seconds I looked down and he was in the middle of the shallow end off of the steps silently under the water. I jumped in the pool clothes and all and scooped him up. It was eye opening and scary. He didn't splash or even make a sound.
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