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What It's Like to Be a NICU Parent

What It's Like to Be a NICU Parent

What It's Like to Be a NICU Parent

With reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's security lock down at NY's Lenox Hill Hospital prevented other new parents from spending time with their NICU babies over the weekend, here's one response that stands out for us as parents.

A mom blogger in Kansas named Jen was so riled that she's written an open letter to the celeb couple. In it, she describes in detail the anguish of being a NICU parent:

"You know how right now you feel an overwhelming love for Blue mixed with a little fear, uncertainty and anxiety?  Well, NICU parents feel that times a million..."


Read Jen's whole letter

Have you ever visited a baby in the NICU?

Image Source: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

AngelaWhite84252 AngelaWhite84252 5 years
I can't open the article either - but if that is what it sounds like.... I am so pleased I dont live in America!!!! that is absolutely ridiculous - Americans appear to sue for a lot of things - this would be an absolutely worthwhile issue to sue over! Shame on the hospital, shame on Beyonce, I wouldnt be responsible for my actions (and neither would many New Zealanders) if anyone ever tried to keep me from my baby especially at the NICU - and especially if its just because they sing for a job! they need to realise the universerse does not revolve around them!
EvelynHalemeyers EvelynHalemeyers 5 years
Shareen Song is incorrect, it is Beyonce and Jay-z demands for things from the hospital that made this an problem for the other new parents! Keep in mind that at the end of the day administators are only looking at the bottom line, MONEY! Any hospital is looking for that patient that will be more to than happy to spend thousand of dollars for renovations instead of getting much needed medical equipment for that hospital. They can now line their pockets instead of using the funds put away for renovations! We have all hear of the crazy demands stars and musicians put on what they want in the dressing rooms or hotel rooms. Is anyone thinks this is just a one time event is living under a rock!!
crystalreinier crystalreinier 5 years
As a nicu mom whos son spent 7 months in the nicu i would sue i spent 5 and a half of thoes months with them telling me he was going to pass any day (my son is 3 now) but to have 1 of thoes days taken away for stupidity would be to many and id sue
SallyPayette SallyPayette 5 years
The link won't open for me, so I can only read a few paragraphs of this article :( sad that people would write things like this for attention. My best friend gave birth to a baby who had to be in the NICU and I know the torment it was for her every day a struggle. Those moms are brave and stronger than most other newborn moms and dads. I would like to think these two celebs would consider others and not make such a ridiculous request. It is a public hospital after all, there will be other people there.
AleshaMartin AleshaMartin 5 years
The hospital and other parents of babies on the ward have come forward to deny this one man's claims. No one was denied to visit their babies.
BettyAshby BettyAshby 5 years
This article enrages me. This was not a proven fact that this happened to any parents at the NICU. The media can create and spawn things to look a certain way. I think that before you try to make yourself famous with this letter, you need to get the facts first. You were not there. GET A LIFE.
ShareenSong ShareenSong 5 years
If these RUMORS are true, blame the HOSPITAL not Jay-z and Beyonce. She addressed the letter to the wrong people.
JuleeTerretta JuleeTerretta 5 years
I'm sickened by these two self-righteous a-holes! As a NICU nurse & a mom, I know the anguish parents of NICU babies feel, not to mention the anxiety of being a parent of a healthy newborn. The hospital is to blame for honoring such an assinine request. Idiots all around.
KristenRomano KristenRomano 5 years
id just like to say that celebrities do get treated differently as sad as it is if you've got money then you get better treatment it downright outrages me that because of beyonce and jay-z other parents were prevented from going in and out of the NICU i really dont care who you are at a time like that all that matters is YOUR child now beyonces not anyone elses. I think they owe the father of a set of twins there a personal apology they deserved no better treatment then anyone else, actually they deserved just the same as if you or i would go into the hospital and have a baby just because they are famous doesnt make there child any more important because there child isnt. The behavior by them just disgusts me.
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