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What Moms Really Want to Change in the New Year

It's that time of year again, when we all do our best to make meaningful and doable resolutions for the new year. Circle of Moms members Bradi N. calls the resolution ritual a chance to take  “a life-sized eraser" to last year's mistakes and missed opportunities, and start fresh.

As she explains, “For some, last year was filled with empty promises, including a commitment to: eating right, finding help to work out life’s challenges, having more patience with our kids and in creating our own destiny with a career we are truly passionate about. The good news is that the giant eraser. . . allows each one of us the opportunity to give it another go.”

Here's a look at some of the ways Circle of Moms members plan to "give it another go" in 2012.

Many moms are committing to take better care of themselves in the new year. Says Rajalique M.: “My New-Years-resolution is to take care of me! Don't get me wrong, I love being a wife and mother but I really need to take more time out for me...i.e. personal spa days, bubble bath nights."


While many of us have simple wishes (being more patient and losing weight seem to be the most popular), I like the spins Circle of Moms members "Paparazzi Sista" and another named Alexis put on the second, seemingly universal of these resolutions: Paparazzi Sista is promising herself a bunch of "nots," including “not to get prego," and "not to gain weight." Alexis just wants to "Expand in everything in life except my waist size."

Also in the self-improvement department, Jill E. plans to train to run a half marathon for pancreatic cancer awareness ("for my dad who has this awful cancer.”) Martha wants to listen more and stop preaching.” And Crystal P. wants "to be less of a stress case with my family.”

Others are aiming to do better for their kids, with promises to help ther little ones reach particular milestones. Keshia H. wants to potty train her 17-month-old son. And Rosette's resolution this year is  to "work hard and open bank accounts for my kids. . . .And to take them out at least once a month.”

It's All in the Details

Some Circle of Moms members aren't fooling around with their resolutions this year; Lisa B., for one, has created a thorough checklist of goals: “They say if you write it down, there's a much better chance that you will actually succeed!"

On her list: "lose 20 pounds (wrote out the specifics on how to accomplish that); finish my BA degree and pursue a Nursing Degree; work on my hobbies 1 X week (photography and digital scrapbook making - my therapy!); develop a budget; organize my home; daily time with God; join Asperger’s Syndrome parent group (or ADHD, or Bipolar...lots of disabilities in my family; leave room for a ‘margin;’ keep life simple enough that there is daily downtime and if a crisis happened (whether to me, my family or relatives/friends) I would be able to respond better because I would have time and be more rested and finally, to continue teaching others about good photography and the many ways to preserve and enjoy photos/memories. Good thing I've got a whole year!”

What do you resolve to do in 2013?

Image Source: Sparkleplenty via Flickr/Creative Commons

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