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What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Want to know what moms really want for Mother’s Day this year?

It’s not a box of chocolates, or the caramels that you’re not a fan of, but your kids crave. How about not having to herd your own mother, your husband’s mother, and your whining kids together for brunch at some pricey restaurant? Or foregoing the breakfast in bed ritual, including the kitchen mess that's left in the kitchen for you to clean up on Monday morning?

To help discover what moms really want this Mother's Day, Circle of Moms members did a reality check and came up with a list of gifts partners and kids can take some cues from. (You might want to print it out and “accidentally” leave on the table under your husband’s car keys or next to the kid’s back packs.)

What Moms Want Most

Hands down, what moms want most is a a time out — for themselves! Taking some time to relax, to escape from the 24/7 duties of motherhood is how many Circle of Moms members say the day is best spent.


“I think Mother's Day should be celebratory (gifts/cards/breakfast/etc) and then you get the rest of the day off for a nap or watching a movie," says Ashley C. "It's about 'me time."

Tennecia W. strongly agrees. “My idea is to have ‘me time’ without the responsibility that comes with motherhood. I just want to do what I want to do and let dad take care of the kids.

"Have It Your Way Day"

Sleeping in and getting pampered are also high on members' wish lists for this Mother’s Day.

Moms should “go get pampered," says Emma R.

Joanna G. says she's looking forward to catching up on her zzz’s. “It's the one day I get to sleep in,” she says. “My husband takes my daughter out for the morning so I can sleep late and have a lazy morning, run and get some coffee by myself. That's the best gift right there!“

Norine D. calls it “a Burger Queen Day." As she explains, "It’s have it your way day, if you want a day at the spa or alone with your girlfriends, let your desire be known.”

Some Circle of Moms members say that Mother’s Day should be a day for role reversals, where kids wait on moms. “They should do for us what we do for them every day,” says Joyln G.

Tammy B., who is always on the go, traveling to her kid’s sporting events, wants to spend the day “just hanging out." This year, she’s created the agenda for the day: a family walk, renting some movies and then relaxing.

Mini Vacations and New Traditions

Breaking away for a mini-vacation is Stacey B.’s idea of the ultimate Mother’s Day. Last year, for the first time in 14 years as a mom, she took a vacation to meet another mom friend in Arizona. "It was good for both my friend and me” she says. “It is your day to do as you please.”

For some moms, it’s a day to invent your new traditions and go a little wild and crazy. Angela W. is planning on getting a tattoo. “I’m getting my daughter’s name on the back of my left shoulder.”

Hannah E. says she knows what she wants and it is simple: “A maid.” Courtney S. wants a session of “microdermabrasion." Anne W. wants a Skype call from her two out-of-state daughters. And Joy B. wants a winning lottery ticket and “not to have to change a single diaper all day.“

A Break from Ritual

One gift many Circle of Moms members want this year is a break from family matriarchs. When there's an obligation to get together with the “MIL" (mother –in-law) or grandmother, Stacie C. recommends a compromise: “I think that Mother’s Day should be spent with both mothers in the morning and then for rest of the day, with just you and your children, to keep everyone happy.”

Susan B. agrees. Breakfast in bed and lunch with grandma are fine if “I get to spend the afternoon gardening.”

The Ultimate Gift?

Ultimately some Circle of Mom members say that the best gift is one they can give themselves, and it's to embrace the day and whatever it brings. As Izelle S. explains, “Mother's Day to me is to celebrate who you are as a mother, who you have become and how much you are loved by your children. That's a love you wouldn't have experienced if you weren't a mother."

What do you really want?

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