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10 Things to Never Say to Pregnant Women

Jan 21 2017 - 1:40pm

Pregnant women constantly receive well wishes and positive remarks about the new chapter in their lives, but unfortunately they also find themselves the recipients of some unflattering zingers. Such comments are not always intentionally rude, insensitive, or inappropriate, but they can easily come across the wrong way to a woman who is on a hormonal roller coaster. Here are our top 10 things most pregnant women don't want to hear.

"I Feel Pregnant, Too!"

Unless you are actually carrying a child in your uterus as well, then no, you don't feel pregnant.

"You're Huge."

Maybe she is looking a little large, but she doesn't need to hear it. Would it be appropriate to comment on someone's weight if they were not expecting? No! Same common-sense rules apply to pregnant women, too.

"You Really Shouldn't . . . "

Exercise. Pick up that box. Stand up. Pregnant women are not ill, they are merely with child, and making them feel like they have a serious condition only alienates them.

"I Don't Think You Should . . ."

Get an epidural. Have a natural birth. Have your mother in the birthing room. A pregnant mama's personal birth plan is just that: personal. If she wants your opinion, she'll ask.

"Enjoy Your Last Few Months of Freedom."

Having a baby is exciting, and the last thing any expectant mom wants to hear is that she has just issued her personal life a death sentence. Negative comments about child rearing shouldn't be spoken of.

"You Probably Shouldn't Eat That."

Pregnant women are pretty tuned in to what they can and can't eat — as well as what they want and don't want to eat. If she's going for it, then by all means, let her enjoy.

"Your Baby Is Going to Be Huge/Tiny."

What's on the mind of nearly every pregnant woman? How baby is getting out. Doctors looking at ultrasounds are the only ones ever allowed to estimate how big baby is going to be — and even then, anything less or more than normal is bound to set off a mommy-to-be.

"What If Your Baby . . ."

Is a hermaphrodite? Has a cleft lip? Is deaf? Mamas-to-be spend a great deal of downtime thinking of their own "what ifs" and they don't need anyone else adding fuel to the fire.

"You Look Tired."

Carrying a baby for nine months is hard work. Chances are if she looks tired, she is. However, the last thing she needs is anyone reminding her how exhausted she feels or looks. Nothing short of, "You look fantastic," should be said to a pregnant woman about her appearance.

"Anything Yet?"

If you haven't received word that her baby's been born, then chances are that she is not holding out any information. Everyone is eager to welcome the pending bundle of joy into the world, but none so much as an expectant mama. Asking her if anything has happened yet only reminds her that she's still very, very pregnant.

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