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8 Things That Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Be Eating

Mar 15 2015 - 5:03am

If you thought that your baby-focused diet would come to an end once you'd given birth, think again. For nursing moms, everything that you consume gets passed along to your baby, so smart eating isn't an option — it's a necessity. These eight foods will benefit both mom and baby by providing the essential vitamins and nutrients for milk production and healthy infant development. Keep reading to find out what should be on mama's menu!

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Eating up to 12 ounces of fish or shellfish per week provides a nursing mom with plenty of protein, DHA and EPA, and omega-3 fatty acids that can benefit your baby's brain and eye development.

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Whole Grains

The complex carbs in whole grains are a great source of the B vitamins and provide longer-lasting energy than processed starches.

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Whatever's in Season

Choosing seasonal produce from a local purveyor (like a farmers market or CSA) can make a significant impact on the amount of pesticides that you consume. The shorter distance that your fruits and veggies had to travel to make it to your kitchen, the fewer chemicals they require to stay fresh.

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Filtered Water

Since trace amounts of chemicals can be found in tap water, your best bet is to drink filtered water (which can be as easy as buying a Brita filter).

Prenatal Vitamins

You may not be pregnant anymore, but keep popping those prenatal pills! These multis contain the essential vitamins and minerals that a nursing mom needs — especially calcium and iron, which women's diets are often low in.


While it's not medically proven, fennel has been said to serve as a galactogogue (or milk-maker) for nursing moms. While it has a strong taste that not everyone's a fan of, fennel adds a crisp touch [5] to a citrusy salad.

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When your body's in milk-production mode, it's recommended that you consume at least three cups of dairy yourself each day. It takes milk to make (healthy) milk — makes sense, right?

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Lean Beef

Iron-rich beef will help a new mom to keep up with her new baby's demanding schedule, and it's an excellent source of both protein and vitamin B-12.

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