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11 Words That Have Different Meanings For Moms

Jul 2 2014 - 3:29am

Many things change when you become a mom, from your choice in clothing [1] to the way you see the world [2]. Even the words you use take on a whole new meaning when kids are in the picture. While there's no mom dictionary to guide you through these vernacular changes, we've rounded up some common words that have a different definition once you become a mom.

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What Date Night Means to Others

An evening out with a special someone that usually consists of dinner, drinks, and maybe a movie.

Source: Flickr user sergeysus [4]

What Date Night Means to Moms

An evening binge-watching Orange is the New Black with your partner after putting the kids to bed.

Source: Flickr user moneyblognewz [5]

What Bathroom Means to Others

A place you go to pee, shower, and freshen up.

Source: Flickr user dbrooker [6]

What Bathroom Means to Moms

A place you go to get some peace and quiet.

Source: Flickr user orudge [7]

What Candy Means to Others

A treat you enjoy on holidays like Halloween [8] and Easter.

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What Candy Means to Moms

A treat you use to bribe your children into doing their chores, eating vegetables, and anything else they refuse to do.

Source: Flickr user leebennett [10]

What Shopping Means to Others

Browsing the stores for food, clothes, and more.

Source: Flickr user i5design [11]

What Shopping Means to Moms

Browsing the internet for food, clothes, and more because the thought of taking your kids to the store sends you into a panic.

Source: Fresh Direct [12]

What Vacation Means to Others

A week soaking up the sun, hitting the slopes, or whatever your adventurous heart desires.

Source: Flickr user yoodz [13]

What Vacation Means to Moms

A week chasing down Disney characters and hearing the lyrics to “It’s a Small World” over and over again.

Source: Flickr user expressmonorail [14]

What Birthday Means to Others

A day that celebrates someone’s birth.

Source: Flickr user costus [15]

What Birthday Means to Moms

A day that lets you execute all those Pinterest projects.

Source: Flickr user sweetsbyzoe [16]

What Shots Mean to Others

A small amount of liquor, usually drunk on its own.

Source: Flickr user imnohero [17]

What Shots Mean to Moms

A small amount of antibodies that either protect your child from deadly diseases or causes autism, depending on who you ask.

Source: Flickr user alvi2047 [18]

What Weekend Means to Others

Two days spent sleeping in, getting together with friends, and relaxing after a long week.

Source: Flickr user pabak [19]

What Weekend Means to Moms

Two days spent shuffling kids between soccer games, birthday parties, and family functions.

Source: Flickr user quiltsalad [20]

What Dinner Means to Others

A nightly meal.

Source: Flickr user ragingwire [21]

What Dinner Means to Moms

A nightly battle to get your kids to eat a brussels sprout.

Source: Flickr user benton [22]

What Sleep Means to Others

Ideally eight hours spent snoozing in a big, cozy bed.

Source: Flickr user leojam [23]

What Sleep Means to Moms

Ideally eight hours spent with lots of little feet kicking you in bed.

Source: Flickr user viralbus [24]

What Frozen Means to Others

A way to describe someone or something that’s very cold.

Source: Flickr user rjackman [25]

What Frozen Means to Moms

A Disney movie that spawned hundreds of “Let It Go” parodies.

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