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What's the Worst Criticism You've Received as a Parent?

What's the Worst Criticism You've Received as a Parent?

In the age of helicopter parenting, everyone seems to think their method tops the rest when it comes to raising children. From a family gathering, to the playground, to the airplane, new parents (and even those toting around three and four children) find themselves the subject of judgment and criticism from discerning onlookers. Critical stares can quickly turn into opposing opinions and even the warm fuzzies from the holidays can't keep the zingers at bay. We're all doing our best as parents, but no one is safe from having his or her parenting skills the subject of criticism at some point during parenthood. Do tell — what was the worst thing anyone's ever said about your parenting?

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kmckay kmckay 7 years
ugh... we don't have kids yet but some people give us a hard time because I'm vegan. They act like it's abuse that I don't plan on feeding my kids meat. My brother teases me all the time yet him and his wife are the ones who feed their 4&2 yr old nothing but happy meals, pizza, fries, hot dogs, and cheetos. Yet I AM the bad guy because I plan on using organic whole foods that actually contain nutrition.
Relli80 Relli80 7 years
I too have been accused of being an organic/health food Nazi by my parents many times, even though my child just is 9 months old. I am just a big believer in putting things into our body that are good for you, I seriously almost vomited when my father told me that my mother started feeding me McDonald's at six months. Our family has enormous health issues with diabetes and heart disease, I just want him to enjoy and love what is good for him before my mother tries to bribe him with snacks I will not permit. Anyways, my mother stays with my baby while I am at work and although i love her and appreciate her, she is very critical of anything i I choose to do that may differ from her school of parenting. she will even throw out there that my sister didn't do it that way so neither should I. Well I don't care my child, my rules that were agreed upon with his father. How I parent is not a rejection of her but more to do with what is right for him, every child is different. In regards to the original poster. I never cleaned, did my own laundry or cooked my own meals until I left for college. My job was to be a respectful, get good grades and prepare myself for further education. My mother told me I would have the rest of my life to scrub toilets and work and that I should enjoy being young. An you know what. She was right. When i left her home I did all the things for myself that she did not only did I wish she had made me help her more, because a house/family and work are all very hard to maintain. But I was a way better housekeeper than many of my peers because I had never lived in filth and refused to start.
miss-leanne miss-leanne 7 years
I keep getting harassed by the hospital because I'm refusing the H1N1 vaccine. I've researched it enough and given my medical history and adverse reactions to most medicines and vaccinations, I've decided that it's the healthiest route for myself and my unborn child. Unfortunately, I've heard from 10 different doctors that it just makes me a bad person.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
It seems like no matter what you do, you're doing something wrong. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, cosleep or let them sleep on their own, cry it out or not, everyone has an opinion on what's right. It's so frustrating, because there's not ONE right way to raise every child. Children are all so different and all have different needs. While some children need help falling asleep -- others do well with crying it out and sleeping on their own. So many people rush to make judgement on a parent's choices and it really bothers me. I luckily haven't received any comments on my parenting yet -- my daughter is just about 18 months old so we haven't been parents for terribly long! I guess the only thing that has been annoying so far, but definitely nothing that has really stung, is my boyfriend's family thinking I'm some sort of extremist when it comes to eating healthily/organically and being eco-friendly. All of my daughter's toys are wooden, she loves fruits and vegetables, grains, etc. They think that I'm some sort of health nazi, when I'm really not. I just believe in healthy eating and eating in moderation (we do eat baked goods and snacks, but I usually make them, and instead of using sugar I use xylitol sugar or agave). I get a lot of flack for that (my boyfriend's sister, by the way, lets her child eat McDonalds three times a week). Keep doing what you're doing ladies! Only the parents know what is right for their child.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I know how you feel jayde.. my mother in law is a very sweet woman but nothing i do is right apparently.. It doesn't bother me in a cutting way because i decided ages and ages ago not to let anyone interfere in what ive decided, but it really really grates. She talks to me online about once a day, and asks about Kairi. She really loves and dotes on her, and wants updates on the stuff she's doing. Normally, i blog, but we've been really sick latley so ive slacked a bit. Anyway, the newest thing is potty training. I have had a potty and the encouragement available but I wasn't interested in pushing. She recently last week has decided she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore and is using the potty exclusively. All completely on her own and she hasn't had a single accident. We have been praising her up and down, and my husband called to tell his mom her good progress. Well, she got on facebook that night and started telling me that SHE didn't potty train her oldest until 6 months or so after her 2nd was born becuase sometimes they regress, etc etc etc. Literally on and on, basically telling me I'm doing it wrong and that I should wait on the chance of regression. We aren't even going to have the next baby for over another 5 months, and then wait another 6? Until she's 3? Keeping a child who WANTS to use the potty in diapers on the chance she will regress for another YEAR?! I don't think so, sorry. If she has regression issues, we will deal with it, but im not going to force her back into diapers, what an idiotic way to cause way worse issues. Pretty much everything I tell her she did differently and she can't seem to fathom why i would do it any other way.. it gets really excessive.
GMarie GMarie 7 years
My son would only sleep with me for the first several months, no matter what I tried. When he was three months old, an older family friend asked me if he was sleeping through the night. I said no, but that he slept pretty well as long as he was next to me. Her response? "Oh, you've ruined him!" For the record, at two and a half, he sleeps through the night and takes a great nap on his own, in his own bed.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
Jayde30 it is hard to hear things like this but there is nothing like having a child. You just need to focus on all the great things they do and say.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
Thanks Melinda19. In my heart I know that my son is turning out just fine but man was that a blow to my system when I found that out and to have it come from someone so close to me. We are expecting our first child together in a month and he will learn first hand that it is much easier to talk a big game about another person's kid but to put all of that into your own child is much different. It is such a balancing act to make sure that your child has a good social life, well rounded education, learn responsibilities through chores, get enough exercise and on top of it all just have time to be a kid. I feel kids grow up to fast. I know I won't do it but it would be bitter sweet in a few years to just say "I told you so!" but I will be a big girl and refrain. :)
melinda19 melinda19 7 years
Cheersdarlin91, My husband says the same thing about our oldest son. It was just my son and I for 6 years and when we married my husband adopted him. He loves him very much but was always critical to me on how lazy our son was. Telling me I did to much for him. He always says I am going to be tougher on this one, our son together. Well he isn't, he helps him with his chores in which he never did for our oldest. Anyway--- my oldest son is a fine young man ,has never been in any trouble, is now off at college and has a wonderful girlfriend. When the time comes for him to step it up and work hard for a living I will be cheering him on !!! I am sure you did your best and your job as a single mom was to do everything you could for your son !!
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
I just found out that my fiance thinks that my son is fat and lazy and that I do everything for him. My fiance was raised on a farm and had lots of chores but my son is a city kid and although I do have him do chores we tend to do them together. It has always just been my son and I so we do things together and I don't make up chores for him to do daily just for the sake of doing chores. I don't even clean that much but when it is time to clean my son helps. Sure he complains once in a while but what 13 year old doesn't try to get away with what they can. Finding out that he felt that way hurt more than any stranger or other parent could ever hurt me. I have tried very hard to be the best single mom I can and my son is polite and does not get into any serious trouble. We are working through this but it hurts to think he feels this way.
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