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I'm crazy for knit hats with ears on them. I can hardly pass one up, especially if the price is right. The more I talk with other moms the more I discover that every mom has a baby addiction issue. Some mothers pine after humorous onesies while others collect plush blankets. Some are extreme and crave different brands of strollers or the newest editions of swanky high chairs. While most of these things are only used for small amounts of time (three years is a good run) moms still buy them even if they seem impractical. So tell mommy, what's your baby addiction?

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ScarletAvaMorgan ScarletAvaMorgan 7 years
Clothes my all the rooms have huge walk in closets so that doesn't help either my husband always say you don't need to fill closet buut i can't help it i love to shop hen i ever go anywhere(union square, bulingame ave, or the mall place in San Francisco)i at least buy 2-3 outfits i have i problem
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
cute little outfits.. it's a bad bad bad bad BAD obsession of mine. It is pretty much under control now though, becuase my daughter is into the 3T's way ahead of time because she is sooo tall and there just aren't as many cute matching outfits anymore. now its mostly trying to find jeans slim enough with shirts and a hoody. The baby we are expecting now is a boy, and i just hardly ever see anything cute enough to buy for him. Even after we found out the gender, and went to like 10 different stores, I didn't buy a single special outfit set for him.. I just didnt like them. I purchased the majority of his early clothes second hand though. I purchased a huge lot of insanely pristine, some unused, 0-3 months, 3-6 mos, and i have a humungous stash of neutral 9 month clothing from my daughter. A store here went out of business, and i bought outfits, onesies, pants, etc for less then a dollar each. So, basically, he will be completely dressed until he hits 12 mo clothes. It's just not as exciting for me with boy stuff..
GMarie GMarie 7 years
Books! I get almost all of them used though - Goodwill often has a great selection of children's books for a fraction of the price of new. I'll be honest - I'm a total cheapskate, and can't rationalize paying full price for most things for myself, let alone for my kiddo who outgrows everything in the blink of an eye. I suppose you could say I'm addicted to scouring sales, consignment stores, etc... for deals on kid stuff!
Madeline-Masen Madeline-Masen 7 years
i have two baby adictions strollers i have 8 and i am think of getting two new strollers(doubles because i'm pregnant again) the other is clothes i love shoopping on of my favorite stores are Bonpoint
meandtheo meandtheo 7 years
shoes! my(two year old) daughter has about twenty pairs of shoes...she is now becoming a little obsessed and asks for new shoes! it's so ridiculous too because she outgrows them so quickly.
emadams emadams 7 years
I am totally obsessed with baby legwarmers! I bought 7 pairs and have made 5 pairs. If my husband had not banned me from buying more, I would buy more! They are just so adorable!
CathleenKelly CathleenKelly 7 years
I am totally in the baby blanket category!! The problem is I don't buy them, I have to make them. I am always coming up with different fabrics and ideas for a new baby quilt and don't stop until I see the idea through.
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