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Fit Mom's Facebook Photo Gets Major Backlash

One mom's Facebook profile picture is causing quite the controversy, and it's easy to see why. In the photo, Maria Kang is posing with her three young sons in workout gear, abs showing, with the caption "What's your excuse?" The picture has gotten hundreds of shares and comments, some people saying she's "fat-shaming" and calling her a bully, while others praise her efforts to stay fit.

Kang — a fitness blogger — responded by posting an apology saying she never meant to call anyone fat. "No matter how many children you have, especially when you're working and trying to maintain your shape, you don't have to lose yourself in becoming a mother," she explained. "You can still maintain a sense of self physically and professionally. If I can do it, you can do it."

We have a feeling the debate's not going to end there, but chime in and let us know what you think!

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Dee81648 Dee81648 3 years
My excuse is I eat too much and exercise too little....
Rachel14992984 Rachel14992984 3 years
It's not about fat or thin but common modesty. She can 'work out' dressed more like a mom than a Texas Cowboy cheerleader. What about 'family values'?
Joe-Dirt Joe-Dirt 3 years
Why get mad at her? She chooses to take care of herself. Most of the people that disapprove wish they were in better shape than they are. Sure, good genes, good habits and good choices have allowed her to get where she is. As long as her kids have a loving, nurturing mom and she teaches her kids to be kind, loving and polite leave her alone. In the wussification of the world, everyone and anyone feels that have to bash someone's lifestyle. All she is doing is making others jealous BECAUSE she is healthy, fit and happens to be beautiful. GET REAL Bitter people.
MaurinLivingston MaurinLivingston 3 years
I, too, thinks it's a wonderful inspiration! People in this world today are way too sensitive!!
MyraP MyraP 3 years
I think it's a wonderful inspiration. Most of the time WE don't look like we want to, no matter what our weight, because we don't MAKE the time and effort it takes to do it right. You can't expect results with no effort. Good for her. I am inspired just seeing how good she looks. You can look good at any age or weight with a little discipline, so those of you who are complaining, get to work. Be happy!!
Kristen14968176 Kristen14968176 3 years
I'm not a very easily offended person and I wouldn't even say that this particulary "offended" me however I DO think that her choice of words were not the best. To ask what someone else's excuse is for not looking like her after having children is pretty conceited and ignorant. Not every one is either capable (nor concerned) about keeping their body in such a condition as hers is in. I myself have fibromyalgia, early advanced osteoarthritis, rheumatiod arthritis, and suffer from chronic migraines as well as severe fatigue. Taking care of my child and light upkeep on the house is all my body can handle and that's even pushing it. If she were to dare ask me to my face "what my excuse is" I would likely punch her in the face for being a bitch. BUT if she had posted this picture with some kind of inspirational, cute, or motivational message, I would have smiled and thought "Good for her!" and moved on. Think before you speak and you won't look like an ass. :)
NickieLewis NickieLewis 3 years
Oh dear. this woman looks great, she's young she's fit etc. But that's please stop this obsession with having a flat stomach. What's your excuse is unfair. I don't know her situation but not everyone has the time to work out and we all have different priorities and that's how it should be. Can she afford not to work ?, for example, has she chosen childcare? Does she enjoy exercise? I'm 50 and have a 5 year old and beyond being jealous of anyone young and fit but I do worry that my daughter will feel that in order to be a good person she must conform to a certain look. That really does sadden me. I hated my body and worked out like a demon until my 'imperfect' body gave me my daughter. Now I accept it's imperfections and that I can only be as fit as other commitments allow. That's no excuse.
MyshaGoins MyshaGoins 3 years
I think she looks great! Getting in shape is a challenge in itself but bouncing back as quickly as she has with three young children should be a motivator for us all. I am a fitness guru and I have two children 16 and 9 and I will testify that I have no stretch marks on my stomach just my butt so all of us don't get stretch marks and I love my stomach! Also...I was already in great shape before each of my pregnancies which I think is key to bouncing back quicker than others. Each person has to measure their on success and set standards and get motivated!
Brittawards Brittawards 3 years
However, she could of had a better phrase then "What's your excuse". Then again, everyone has their own perception on what was meant by that picture. Why not take her for her word and believe that she truely didn't mean anything negative when originally doing this?
Brittawards Brittawards 3 years
I think that everyone is over reacting to this. In no way (as far as I read) is this woman telling all other mothers that they should look like this. Also, as far as those who believe that there is photoshoping because there are no visible stretch marks, I feel those comments are being made out of pure jealousy. I only got 3 stretch marks when I was pregnant and I went from 120 lbs to 180 lbs by the time I delievered. The way I prevented those (which are hardly visible at all anymore) was with daily moisturizing which helps with my stretching skin. Just because this mother didn't end up with the body you think she should have, doesn't mean that the photo is fake.
TracyStuart TracyStuart 3 years
Despite all else, which I agree with Bette, I think there is some photoshopping going on at least when it comes to stretch marks. And you know what, I do NOT want to be a MILF. I want to be Tyne Daly through and through. I take her grace and tenacity over tight abs and smooth skin ANY DAY. I take the extra hour with my kids over an hour at the gym by myself. I am me and I love it - jiggly rolls and all. My stretch marks are beautiful to me because it shows what point I am at in life. I am no 17 year old hottie anymore nor do I EVER wish to be. I am older and wiser and wish to be treated accordingly rather than gawked at for a midriff and daisy dukes. Good for this woman for her choices, but they do NOT reflect what I even WISH for. How about a "big momma" bear hug out there?? I want to feel the life you exude from your heart and soul and not your muscles and bones. One is much more valuable and LONG LASTING than the other. ;)
CoMMember13608922527718 CoMMember13608922527718 3 years
The comment bugs me. While I agree that every mom should try to have her own identity outside of motherhood and should try to be fit and healthy, the implication that we should all look like her otherwise we are somehow not trying is just insulting. I have 2 kids and just finished my first marathon, I eat healthy. I also look nothing like this. It's cruel to suggest the only reason a mom doesn't have awesome abs is laziness
kelseykelly1376760514 kelseykelly1376760514 3 years
I am not offended at this picture, but I think the comment should have been more uplifing, like a challenge to other moms. I just had my first three months ago and I'm not really trying to lose the extra five pounds I have from before pregnancy. I was really fit before and ill do it again, when I'm done breastfeeding. It's important to have body fat while nursing because your body needs that extra fat to produce milk. I know my husband wishes I would work harder now, but I personally don't think I should until my baby eats solids before I get mg abs back. I was a little annoyed when he showed me this picture because of that. On another note, I wad blessed with a fast metabolism. People forget, or are not aware, that the food produced today is a lot harder for your body to digest. In fact, producers have even genetically enhanced the grains used in bread to the point where your body cannot recognise them. Organic or not.
RachelStauffer28596 RachelStauffer28596 3 years
Yeah Bette35437!
Terri14966127 Terri14966127 3 years
Oh puh leeze, eat right and get off the couch. I've had two kids, and I will be 54 next month. My bmi is 18. I eat right and walk as much as I can. It's not rocket science. Everyone can walk, it cracks me up to see people fighting for the closest parking space to the front door of the grocery store. Puh leeze!
LisaJames46200 LisaJames46200 3 years
I agree with Bette35437!!
Tanya14966028 Tanya14966028 3 years
Congrats girl!!!! That is a lot of calorie monitoring, weight training, and cardio right there. That is my excuse, but I am not mad at you. I wish I could get to the gym like I used to, I would be looking like that in the next year or so!
Bette35437 Bette35437 3 years
The issue that I see with the photo is not her body, but rather the offensive cultural implication that there is no excuse for anybody not to be of comparable size or relative fitness. It is offensive to ask "What's your excuse?" while flaunting her ability to devote herself TO herself on a level that is not necessarily available to all women. What is her excuse for blatantly wave her freedoms in other women's faces, while foisting cultural insecurities on to the populous. Nevermind the fact that everyone is different, their life goals and responsibilities, their heath, their needs and abilities are all different. Do I wish I had a live-in personal trainer? Yes. Do I wish I had someone to take care of my kids while I spent hours a day training my body? Yes. Do I wish my husband stayed at home and cooked and cleaned? Yes again. Do I feel bad that I have to juggle everything in my life just to have some semblance of normalcy? No. I love my kids, my life and my body. What is my excuse for not looking like her? I am not HER.
RivkaMorowitz1371642774 RivkaMorowitz1371642774 3 years
There is an issue of genetics, Time to exercise enough and eating right. After my first preg I got back to myself just fine. Once I had my second It got harder to lose the extra weight even though I worked out and monitored my diet with a dietician. It takes me 6 months to get back in shape, but my weight doesn't drop until my babies stop nursing completely. So now I am 20 pound heavier from where I started out. I think that 8 pregnancies 5 cs's and bed rest are all part of my hard time getting rid of a BMI of 40. If I would become an exercise couch I would most probably be just as fit as the lady in the pic. I am glad for all those that are fit. It's hard work.
LyndaBrennanNoone LyndaBrennanNoone 3 years
I give her lots of credit for goig out and getting fit while raising her 3 children. Although I am fairly fit myself but do realize not everyone wants or can achieve the same look. I find it insulting to throw it in people's face. Lucky for her she is blessed with good genes and a lot of motivation. Not to mention money she probaly has for gym membership and money or access to have someone watch she her kids while she goes and gets fit. The title of this article is what's mostly annoying though!
TraceeFarmer TraceeFarmer 3 years
I do think her comment was obnoxious. There are so many factors and all have been mentioned within this blog. I know that after I had a baby at age 39, I commuted 1 hour each way to and from my full time job. My choice was to give up the gym that I worked out at religiously before childbirth so that I could have an hour with my child before she went to bed at night. Not everyone has the same choices or situation that she has. And yes I could have worked out at 9:00pm but quite frankly I was too darn tired. However I will say this, I am now divorced because my husband found a size 2 to make him happy. So be aware that if you don't stay in shape you might find yourself alone.
KatherineBerard KatherineBerard 3 years
Whether you think you can, or you can't--you're RIGHT!
Patti14965471 Patti14965471 3 years
I thnk it's very hard work and people who are negative about it are lazy and jealous that she is beautiful and a mom of three. My friend alma is a mom of two and her abs are even more intense then hers. It's called hard work and dedication. My son and my first is almost one and I just started hitting the gym again but not to be skinny but to be healthy. Everyone should want to take care of themselves. You want to be around for those great grand children!
Karen14965431 Karen14965431 3 years
I think that she looks good. I don't think she's doing nothing wrong... she's just showing what she has accomplished . And believe me, it's not easy. I wish I could look that good... Everyone is not made the same, and not everyone is going to have that kind of body, no matter how hard they work out.. but I will agree with Carmisha Meyers. Can't there just be a thumbs up on people who is really wanting to do something good about them selves, instead of always having to make a big issue of it..and put people down.... My God what is wrong with you people.? Give her praise. I just don't believe that she's shaming or calling people fat... She's just showing " Hey, look girls, wow, I have really struggle and it about killed me, but look I finally did it, even my husband likes the new me... Karen
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