Every mom has a bit of guilt; it's how a woman deals with it that makes the difference. Whether you are fretting about a pile of laundry (let the kids climb it!) or forgetting it was snack day at preschool (nobody starved!), it's time to get over it. Parenting recently compiled a fun and relatable list. The 31 reasons include:

2. Feeling smug that you're a better parent than those on "Supernanny". No worries. We all feel smug watching "Supernanny". Until we don't, at which time we employ her techniques.

11. Accepting your son's compliment that you're a good cook when he's eating pre-breaded microwave chicken breasts. You did your part. You pressed "Start."

12. Wiping your daughter's nose with a panty liner — the closest thing to a tissue you had in your purse. For heaven's sake — it was clean!

14. Closing the bedroom door in their little faces. You did not magically lose your need for privacy when you gave birth. If someone's bleeding or not breathing, by all means, they can knock

29. Noticing the hot dad at drop-off. Ahem, you have eyes in your head, and (sex drive or no) you're not dead yet! Did you lick him? No? You're okay.

Tell us what you used to feel guilty about and why you don't anymore.

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