Two years ago, I dropped my little girl off at nursery school. There were no tears shed. She waved goodbye and walked off with a friend she made in line before the doors opened. This morning, I sat in the preschool's auditorium as my daughter took the stage, sang and danced with her classmates, and hugged her teachers goodbye. It was the kind of performance only a mother (OK, grandparents and relatives) could love, but then a slideshow of pictures set to music played and all of the sudden it hit home — my firstborn is well on her way in life. She has her own interests, opinions, and friends.

In the Fall, she'll start kindergarten, our son will begin preschool, and their sibling-to-be will enter the world. I never went to nursery school, so I didn't really understand the graduation hoopla until today. Who cares how small a child milestone may seem? They are all certainly worth celebrating. What's your opinion?