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When Baby's Sick, Try an Emergency Clinic

When Baby's Sick, Try an Emergency Clinic

Doctor's offices and hospital emergency rooms are always flooded over the holidays. Fevers flare up, and ear infections appear out of nowhere. When mom and dad are worried about their wee ones and it's past office hours, they often head to the nearest ER. Instead of sitting in a waiting room surrounded by other infected visitors, try visiting a 24-hour emergency clinic.

Fast becoming popular, many 24-hour clinics are often much faster, cleaner, more convenient and overall easier to deal with than a large hospital. In most cases, they accept insurance and charge the same co-pay as any emergency room visit and parents won't have to fret and entertain their ill child as they will most often see a physician quickly upon arrival.

Have you been to one of these types of emergency clinics?

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demandy demandy 7 years
I love the urgent care clinics, especially when you are sick on a Saturday or a holiday. The copays are cheaper than ER and the hours are more convenient than the doctor.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
There's an emergency care clinic near me but it's only open til 11 pm. My whole family has been going there for years and we all love it. I'm quite fortunate that they accept my insurance. I guess some clinics are better than others... if they're really starting to catch on maybe they'll find better ways to work through the problems that you had, misssushi.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Some things you really have to keep in mind about 24 hour emergency clinics is that they often have stipulations with insurance. More often then not, any care you receive there has to be faxed and okayed by your doctor, and then sent to the insurance company within 24 hours. This obviously isn't feasible during the weekend, and I've had doctors say things I got there weren't necessary, creating ridiculously high bills rather then an ER copay. I would def educate myself about my insurance and the stipulations beforehand.
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