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When to Let Your Daughter Shave Her Legs

When to Let Your Daughter Shave Her Legs

Guiding your daughter through her preteen and teenage years can be a confounding experience for a mom, especially when the "right" age for various milestones feels like a moving target. Among the milestones that Circle of Moms members report as surprisingly tricky to tackle is when to allow your daughter to start shaving her legs.

Here we've rounded up three important questions to consider when you're dealing with this issue, plus some suggestions on how to get your daughter started once you've decided that it's time.

1. What Age is Appropriate?

Is there a right age? Many Circle of Moms members share that their daughters began requesting to shave between the ages of 9 and 13, and most moms feel that this age range is a completely appropriate time for a girl to start shaving.


But several moms say that their daughters wanted to start shaving as early as five and six! As Dawn relays in the Moms of School-Aged Kids community, "Would you believe one of my daughters asked if she could shave when she was five!...I told her she needed to wait a few years and that little girls are supposed to be hairy. LOL." 


2. How Hairy Is She?

Another issue that comes into play is the color and amount of hair your daughter has. "I allowed both of my daughters to start when they were 9 because they have dark hair and were very self-conscious about it," shares Melissa E. Others agree, saying that they'd be comfortable introducing shaving at an early age if their daughter had dark or thick hair.

3. Is She Feeling Self-Conscious?

Moms agree that the most important factor of all, more important that your daughter's age or the visibility of her body hair, is her self-consciousness about it. If she's uncomfortable or is being teased in any way, let her start! As Teresa shares: "If she's uncomfortable with her leg hair... it's time, regardless of age. Just make sure she knows that if she starts... it's a lifetime commitment. ;)"

Teaching Your Daughter to Shave

  Circle of Moms members emphasize that moms should teach their daughters how to shave properly. Jennifer B. "really went over the "'how-to's'" with her daughter, "letting her watch me a couple of that she wouldn't nick herself." Other moms recommend starting your daughter with an electric razor and letting them know that you're happy to answer any questions they have. As Brenda S. suggests: "Give your daughter the supplies she needs, a couple of lessons, and [make] yourself open for further questions."

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Join The Conversation
BethMarlatte BethMarlatte 4 years
My twelve year old started shaving about a little over a year ago. My theory has always been that when my girls are come to me with something bothering them, I owe it to them to do my best to understand. I feel that shaving is a small thing, like wanting your ears pierced, or wanting a fashionable hair cut. I dont believe their is any reason to let your child take on a stigma that is easily taken care of and approached in a responsible manor. If you know your girls are growing up as respectable young ladies it doesnt matter what other parents think.
DeAnnLetourneau DeAnnLetourneau 5 years
I think it totally depends on the child and reasons for wanting to shave. I think most girls start noticing their bodies in detail around 8yrs. My now 10yr old starting this summer (at 9yrs). (she started shaving her armpits at 9yrs because she was hairy). She only shaves once in about 3-4months...especially during summer. She is very hairy (hereditary Im afraid) and she is a dancer and swimmer. We have only used razors, but I love the ideas some Moms have put on here. For her, I wanted her to feel comfortable and not embarrassed, I help her shave her legs and arms until I feel she can do it herself. My mom made me wait until I was 13, and it was horrible. Again, it all depends. How you feel about it and how your daughter feels about it.
ElizabethSprecher ElizabethSprecher 5 years
I have 4 Girls, 2 that are 13, 1 that is 12 and my youngest just turned 10. I shaved my 10yo daughters leg a few months before her birthday. I think 9 is an ok age. Her legs were really hairy and I remember my mom wouldnt let me shave my legs until after i got teased in school for having super hairy legs :/ .. I was 11 at the time! I did it for her the first time and showed her exactly what to do and to be careful and she hasn't had any cuts etc but even as adults thats bound to happen. If you're thinking shaving there legs so young is wrong because of some sort of sexual attraction to anyone ... People who are looking at a 9 year old in an inappropriate way, i imagine , dont care if the legs are hairy .. in fact they like child like featers, no? ..... Each parent should do what they feel is best in this aspect. I just think if your daughter is noticing there legs are hairy and it bothers them .... its something that you can help them with, simple fix yakno :)
RosaLopez21322 RosaLopez21322 5 years
My daughter started shaving at 10years of age. She already had underarm and pubic hair and was embarrassed of her hairy legs (hereditary I'm afraid). So, I let her shave since her Dr. told me she was in "Precocious Puberty" which is a fancy name for early onset puberty. She menstruated at 10 also. Now she's happier without hair on her legs and she uses depilatories but the razor too sometimes.
KylaKempert KylaKempert 5 years
My daughter is eleven years old and has had hairy legs for ever,She asked me If I could get her some hair removal pads about ayear ago, Kinda like sandpaper you just rub your legs and arms and it removes the hair., until recently she tried Hair removal cream from her knees to her ankles and she said it worked great for her legs. I think eleven years old is still two young to use a razor,just my opinion.
JenniferHenard JenniferHenard 5 years
My daughter is about to be 7 and I will probably let her start shaving next summer. She is very hairy and you can see the hair on her legs from some distance. She is already self conscious because kids are already making snide remarks. She usually lets it go in one ear and out of the other but the remarks are coming more and more often. I am going to wait till the summer and see what happens. I do not think you can put an age on this. I was a very early bloomer and you can't put an age on puberty.
MicheleMobley MicheleMobley 5 years
I told my, now 15 yr old, daughter that when she begins growing hair under her arms then she can shave her legs (because under arms need shaving).
deannaweaver88043 deannaweaver88043 5 years
I was hoping for this topic. My daughter is hitting puberty a little early. She hasn't asked but I'm sure she will soon.
ReneeParksShotwell ReneeParksShotwell 5 years
My oldest daughter is 12 and just this summer I let her shave. I have found though she isn't a fan of keeping up with it and may only shave once a week.
TiffanyBackus TiffanyBackus 5 years
I think that 12 is a good age, or when she begins to get hair in other places. But shaving above the knees can lead into trouble when they get older, (DARK HAIR) will begin to grow in. My mother never let me and I m glad I didn't. Some of my girl friends regret it.
CoMMember13631168226529 CoMMember13631168226529 5 years
I don't think age has a lot to do with it. If your daughter is embarressed to wear a dress or skirt because of the hair on her legs, then she should be taught to shave. Puberty seems to be coming on earlier in many girls and the changes in their bodies, including the hair on their legs and underarms can be an acute embaressment to young girls.
LeonieBarbour LeonieBarbour 5 years
My 6yr old asked if she could shave her legs, I siad, not yet, but one day and she was fine with this, I think around 12yrs or when they start high school, but I guess I will just have to wait and see and being that everyone develops as different ages, I don't feel you can put an age on this one.
KellyBarlow63285 KellyBarlow63285 5 years
My daughter was 13 years old and she only uses an electric shaver (she will be 14 next week).
MandyOlson29491 MandyOlson29491 5 years
My daughters asked to shave when they were around five also, not because they wanted hairless legs because they realized I did it & just wanted to be like Mom :) Which is soo adorable so I let them play with shaving cream & found items around the house that they could use to imitate shaving the cream off their legs....I found a perfect sized flat rectangle rock! That let them get it out of their system for awhile but now that my oldest daughter is going to be 9 very soon, she wants to shave for real.....I said no way I need to keep you my little girl for at least 2 more years! (I also showed her some of the scars I have which ended any argument :)
BhagyaWickrama BhagyaWickrama 5 years
i think a child should be a child.....let them be at least 12 to shave!
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